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If you like spaceships, huge city and space battle, then don't miss this VFX Breakdown by Rodeo FX about their work on VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND ...

... Jahr from @howestDAE: https://t.co/rJpOWgj9Tm #3dsMax #AdobePhotoshopCc #Unity #TheRookiesCo #spreadthelove #launchyourcareer #3d #cg #vfx #digitalart ...

CGI & VFX Showreels: "CG Generalist Environments" - by Adrien Lambert

With the added CG river, mist, and waterfall elements we were able to create the desired look for T'Challa's fall into the river below.

VFX: Game of ...

FILMOFON VFX TUTORIAL (shooting, cg modelling, matchmoving, compositing) - YouTube

CGART on Twitter: "https://t.co/vFVoNd8HP4 B&F /3D CG VFX [email protected] BF-EFFECTS FILM VFX https://t.co/4CSMZuq5CD https://t.co/OmKETX2GhQ"

See more at https://t.co/cemKXP9YpZ #cg #vfx #vfxartist #Gnomon #environmentart… https://t.co/pv7q2cduOz"

Incredible Post Apocalyptic VFX REEL By Renan T Goncalves of VFS (Film & Animation School) - YouTube

Most of the visual effects for "Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal

'Wonder Woman' VFX and That Pivotal 'No Man's Land' Battle Scene | IndieWire

Taylor James, Taylor James hiring,Taylor James jobs, Taylor James VFX, Animation

Oliver Grotenrath on Twitter: "New Mini Environment online Destroyed House # CG #VFX #Maya #SpeedTree #House #Texturing #RedShift3D #Branches #Digital ...

There really wasn't any “futurization” done thru VFX. All of the cityscapes were achieved in-camera on location in Detroit, Michigan.

cinema4dtutorial net on Twitter: "DRAGON Game of Thrones TUTORIAL >> https://t.co/Nrqcqf58HH #Cinema4D #C4D #3D #AfterEffects #VFX #animation #CG ...

“We spent a lot of time going back and forth with production and other VFX studios involved to figure out who was doing what, and the entire process worked ...

The Weekend “Can't Feel My Face” Fire Vfx Breakdown (6)

CGI & VFX Showreels: "Matte Painting\Concept Art\CG Environments" -

Don't miss the VFX Breakdown by RISE about their work on DARK, the first german TV serie by Netflix:

MPC's work included recreating a 'young Arnold' T-800 digital character, Endoskeletons

The secrets of creating real-looking CG digital doubles

The Weekend “Can't Feel My Face” Fire Vfx Breakdown (8)

I Won't do your VFX for Free. | CG Masters

Postmodern CG & VFX Showreel 2015

vfx Image Source: Google

VFX Behind the Scenes Interviews: Kevin T. Hahn, CG Supervisor at The Moving Picture Company

I first joined the show in the early months of 2015 when vfx producer John Clinton and I were invited to read the super ...

Visual Effects Graphics Techniques ♥ VFX & CG Tutorial | Film Making Tips |Alchemy Talks - YouTube

... average consumer of feature films) If you look at the evolution of those movies, they've gone completely CG, and I don't think it is any worse for it.

Follow @CGMeetup Channel http://bit.ly/CGMeetupYT #3d #vfx #cgi #cg #cgivfx #vfxbreakdown #fxpic.twitter.com/XOx49RUhRD

Oliver Grotenrath on Twitter: "New VFX online !! Particle Abstract #Houdini #SideFX #Particles #CG #VFX https://t.co/oNtCZm2Kk3… "

Strange Alloy, Strange Alloy Short Film, Strange alloy - indy very short film, ...

Courses have started for the Fall term, but CGMA hasn't let up on giving students access to the best resources an aspiring artist could ask for.

You don't have an account yet? No worries, joining is easy.

Proteus is an experimental full CG cinematic, set in a futuristic exo-planet, that we created for the launch of our studio Floating House VFX and t…

... #SubstanceDesigner #UnrealEngine #TheRookiesCo #spreadthelove #launchyourcareer #3d #cg #vfx #digitalart @Autodesk_MEpic.twitter.com/cLzt2hnOp8

RT @TheRookiesCO: Ford Gt 40 by Antonino Scodrani from @howestDAE: https://buff.ly/2joLban #3dsMax #AdobePhotoshopCc #3d #cg #vfx #digitalart #madeinmaya ...

... "Mountain Way Breakdown #CG #VFX #RedShift3D #Maya #Autodesk #TheFoundry #Nuke #DigitalEnvironments #Trees #Street #Haze… https://t .co/fwRVlQOLrN"


Don't Drop My Car | CG Integration VFX


HowestDAE on Twitter: "RT @TheRookiesCO: Volkswagen Golf by Suzanne Lokker from @howestDAE: https://t.co/P9NRGTfGkK #Photoshop #3d #cg #vfx #digitalart ...

Rodeo FX - The Greatest Showman - Tent (CG)

... t Jurassic Park - Pushing The Limits of Visual Effects, jurassic park, dinosaur, ...

To say that Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World is something of a hot-button topic among movie buffs isn't exactly accurate, because I'm not seeing a lot of ...

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The Artery VFX jobs, The Artery VFX, 3d jobs, Animation jobs, hiring

... Prologue for #BlackPanther: http://www.artofvfx.com/black-panther-espen-nordahl-vfx-supervisor-head-of- cg-storm-studios/ …pic.twitter.com/Indsy0kdOU

T-Mobile Goal Breakdown by Eight Vfx (3)

The Weekend “Can't Feel My Face” Fire Vfx Breakdown (1)

This was the most inspiring team I've ever worked with on a film; there was so much talent and skill both in the VFX team ...

... vision with PV M3 Barracuda via #steveparkinson via @Cornucopia3D https://t.co/QdVLohqdgE #VUE #3d #gamedev #indiedev #cg #vfx… https://t .co/d0dd5Bwgp4"

Making VFX of T-3000 vs Pops

CG Masters School of VFX

1. CGI has transitioned from a complimentary dish to the main course.

MPC has publish and extended VFX Breakdown of their impressive work made for Godzilla. If

Even if you haven't yet caught one of this past year's most hyped science fiction films, you're probably still somewhat familiar (thanks to nearly ...

CGI & VFX Showreels: "CGI 2016 Reel" - by Plastic Wax

The Players

CG Masters School of VFX


Aren't you fascinated by the creative tactics of Kungfu Panda's village-saving mission? Obviously!!! Don't the unusually built creatures of the blockbuster ...

... Postmodern Postmodern CG & VFX Showreel 2015, Postmodern Vfx Showreel, Postmodern CG Showreel, ...

The secrets of creating real-looking CG digital doubles - Features - Digital Arts


How was your collaboration with director Bryan Singer and VFX Supervisor John Dykstra? As a CG Supervisor I wasn't much involved with the direct ...

DARLING Kannada Movie | Making of CG & VFX Breakdown!!

Last January, we posted a list of the 10 best visual effects breakdowns of 2016, as selected by our Facebook followers. It proved to be so popular that we ...

VFX Legend Paul Franklin Explains the Work of a Visual Effects Supervisor

Which CG character will win the 2018 visual effects Oscar?

Did you notice the CG butterfly, the CG mines and the ships,

Explore Vfx Tutorial, Game Design and more!

Courses have started for the Fall term, but CGMA hasn't let up on giving students access to the best resources an aspiring artist could ask for.

How did you manage this aspect? The Warrior Falls Environment is seen two times in the film. First is the coronation of T'Challa, ...

New 2D, 3D, & VFX Courses at CG Master Academy

Turbo Squid is one of the many online repositories of CG models that you can buy

What was his approach and expectations about the visual effects? Unlike Hollywood, the Japanese films hadn't had any real photorealistic CG characters.

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Well the main characters who are close to camera, are, of course, a long development cycle. But the background characters don't ...

CG GEEK - Blender VFX Demo Reel

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MALEFICENT: Kelly Port – VFX Supervisor – Digital Domain - The Art of VFXThe Art of VFX

Here Are Some VFX Shots You Probably Didn't Notice in David Fincher's 'Gone Girl'

... VFX T-mobile Space – Xmas Campaign ...

What was his approach with the visual effects? John was very interested in bringing the reality of how things would be shot in the real world into our cg ...

VFX jobs and what they do

Exclusive: VFX for Terminator Genisys CGI Arnold and Spider Tank Wraps This Week

Also don't miss to check How NVIDIA-Powered GPU Rendering Got Deadpool's Insane Opening Sequence Greenlit to see how Blur Studios built CG assets from the ...

Jon is a technically savvy director, and he is interested in the hows-and-whys of VFX, but not to the point that it becomes a problem!

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