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Bright patches seen in 67PCG39s Khepry region appear to be

Bright patches seen in 67PCG39s Khepry region appear to be


Example of a cluster of bright spots on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko found in the Khepry region. The bright patches are thought to be exposures of ...

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Four bright patches observed in Khonsu region and their spectrophotometric plots. For each bright patch

Mohamed Ramy El-Maarry | PhD | University of Colorado Boulder, CO | CUB | Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) | ResearchGate

a, Imhotep region showing BAP1 on the Ash–Khepry–Imhotep boundary (white arrow) and BAP2 on the hillside (yellow arrow). b, Waste material and debris ...

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Exposed ice on Rosetta's comet confirmed as water | Rosetta - ESA's comet chaser

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Fractures, uplift and debris

Horus Heresy Review: Alpha Legion Legion Rules

So to see the farthest and oldest galaxies in the universe, we have to be able to look at the light that reaches us in the form of infrared radiation.

This mat is of the exact same high standard that I have come to expect from Kraken. It really is high quality, durable and with a rubberized backing to make ...


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Distribution of mass wasting deposits (areas in pink) detected in the Northern hemisphere.

(ink on paper, detail)

The parting of Carolingian Empire by the Treaty of Verdun in 843. Pink area indicates

Horus Heresy Review: Ultramarines Legion Rules


In terms of painting, I think I will approach with a traditional painting scheme in mind. This includes a red hued armour which the Gal Vorbak are known for ...

As seen by the Very Large Telescope on 11 August 2014

When "Extermination" came out, a lot of people were impressed with the rich azure blue and metallic blues that were seen for the Alpha Legion marines ...

Sgt Splatters Paintball

Shardwrack Spines

Hence this is a sort of warning to others to dry fit the elements, regardless of what the instructions say you should be doing. The issue can be seen with a ...

Scarab > Khepri

Mafdet, an Egyptian cat goddess redserpentart.weebly.com redserpentart.tumblr.com

The drill that I am employing here is about the diameter of a paper clip. Look closely and you will see how finely it matches the tip of the pale spear ...

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Painting followed the same scheme that I had used for the toilet parts in the previous post: red as the base colour followed by sponging of rusted oranges ...

The law of thermodynamics holds that heat cannot be conducted from the cooler to the warmer.

Color-composite of an alcove at the Hathor–Anuket boundary. The surface of

Kohima Banner.jpg

World of China Mieville by *nJoo on deviantART Races from Perdido Street Station: Cactacae, Khepri, Remade, Vodyanoi, and Geruda and more.

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The marine follows on from my earlier concept piece with a Death Mark necron weapon. This particular variant is in a running pose and features legs and cape ...

I hadn't seen this critter in the field before, but its general appearance was that of a ground beetle (Carabidae), and upon returning home I determined ...

30; 31. . Oh Khepri ...

... POTW 24: Chlorine Planet by ART5EC

Mummy's Mask Adventure Guide for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (complete) | Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Mummy's Mask – Base Set | BoardGameGeek

Found it at Wayfair - Akanthou Blue Area Rug

NARS Thakoon was inspired by the bright colors of Indian spice markets. The names of the polishes are also names of Indian spices.


Ebuch: Ein Hygge-Stil Handbuch

... for instance and apply this liberally to the affected areas. The result is below. As can be seen, its a good remedy, but takes a bit of time to dry out.

Following on directly from yesterday's post about converting power axes for Tartaros pattern terminators, today I'm showing the other hand: the combi-bolter ...

I intend to pair these plasma cannons up with the Mark V Heresy Armour that I posted about yesterday. This will create a heavy support squad that looks very ...

thank you guys for complementing my photoshop skills!

#Dragon concept art


From the graphic alone, it seems that the clear the Alpha Legion is the winner of this poll with a whopping 22% of the total voting.

... the path of pipes you are following (See picture below). Go from cubicle to cubicle to avoid wiping to the mechanic and press on into the next area.

I think these have been a good experiment. I use the word experiment deliberately - they were mostly painted by my daughter (who's not quite 5 yet).

You'll go to this new hub area automatically after the final boss, it cannot be missed.

Scarab beetle tattoo

The Mystery and Prophecy of the Great Pyramid (1933).pdf | Pyramid | Book Of Job


The tomb of Peshedu

Image result for humanoid insects | humanoid insects | Pinterest | Insects

In this image, the submillimetre-wavelength glow of the dust clouds is overlaid on

Le saxophoniste : Tableau de musique 1 saxophoniste au pastel sec. Saxophonist modern painting | Musique, Pastels and Paintings

Kerem Beyit is one of best dragon illustrators out there

A hiker has discovered 3,500-year-old Egyptian seal, which is shaped like

Abiti da sposa Eritreo

El-Kab with the walls of Nekheb behind

ancient egypt cats | In ancient Egypt domestic cats were worshipped as a god-animal

2015-05-12 17.13.17

(screenshot) Then ...

Parahumans 2


People who haven't seen my original suggestion for this might be confused by all these artillery terms so let me explain:

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Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris soundtrack releasing for free - exclusive interview with lead composer Wilbert Roget, II

Fig. 7


Egyptian Revival Sterling Silver Scarab Brooch 1920s depicts a scarab (the ancient Egyptian symbol of Ra the sun god). The scarab is carnelian

Warhammer necklace Adeptus Mechanicus medallion 40k pendant gamer jewelry

But what makes them stand out compared to the other races is how the cup size of female Draphs ranges from G all the way to L, shown here.