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Breastplate quotin the German stylequot Northern Italy Milan about 1480

Breastplate quotin the German stylequot Northern Italy Milan about 1480


Northern Italian, Milan Half Armor for Foot Tourney at the Barriers, 1575/80

1480 Culture: German Medium: Steel Classification: Armor for Man Credit Line: Rogers Fund, 1904 Accession Number:

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Collections Object : Cuirassier Armor - for use on horseback in the field - Italian, c.

Made in Milan, Italy 1590

Elements of a Light-Cavalry Armor Date: ca. 1510 Geography: Milan Culture: Italian, Milan Medium: Steel, etched and gilt Dimensions: Wt.


Anima/anime plate armour, this style of armor appeared in Italy in the first

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - ARMOR, MAXIMILIAN

1480 - 1490 Ingolstadt, Germany, Bayerisches Armeemuseum, south German, partially supplemented armour

Armor for field and tournament Date: ca. Culture: Italian, probably Milan

Northern Italian Jousting Armor, c. 1570 Steel H. 160 cm (64 in

Glossary of armor parts.My favorite armor type!

The last half of the Century saw armor reach its apex in beauty, in both form and function. This type of armor would hav

Extant Century German Gothic Armour [added] The design of the cantle of the saddle is quite interesting.

Nuremburg. Sallet. 1490s.

freiherrvonbronkhorst: German Armour. 1580.

Helmet for use in combat on foot, Germany (Augsburg: Lorenz Helmschmid),

Half-armour Northern Italy, ~1600.

Armatura da cavallo - Equestrian suit of armour, Pompeo della Cesa, 1570-80

A German 'Maximilian' Armour in the Style, c.

A FLUETD FULL ARMOUR IN THE SOUTH GERMAN 'MAXIMILIAN' STYLE OF CIRCA 1520-30, second half of the 19th century for sale…

Extant 15th Century German Gothic Armour -- myArmoury.com


"Black-and-White" Field armour North German,

Ethnographic Arms & Armour - Parts of armor

Composite black-and-white half armor, about 1580 / Northern Germany (perhaps

Armour, Full, German, circa 1480 by Jeff Hedgecock

Armor - Arm & Elbow Knight's Armor Italy (likely Milan) ca. 1565 Steel and copper alloy with gilding, leather, and textile Milanese craftsmen were ...

15th C. German.

Italian jousting helm, from 1480

German field armour of Julius of Burnswick - Lüneburg - Imgur

1480-1490 - armour, partly supplemented, South German, Bayerisches Armeemuseum

Crinet Attributed to Romain des Ursins (Italian, Milan, recorded in Lyon 1493–

Detail, Armor of Emperor Ferdinand I, 1549, Kunz Lochner

Half Armor for use on foot in the field by Milan Italy armorer Master of the Castle Mark 1600 CE etched partially russeted and gilded steel

gentlemen-always-know: “ (via Royal helmet of swedish king Eric XIV, early 16th century. [600x900] : ArtefactPorn) ”

Foot-combat armor by Anton Peffenhauser (German, Augsburg, decoration attributed to Jörg Sorg the Younger (German, Augsburg, ca.

Scheibler Armorial, Germany ca. 1450-1480 (München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Cod

Portions of a Field Armor Date: dated 1524 Culture: German, probably Augsburg Medium

Buttress - Image: 2014 02 13 16 12 25 Milano ITALY Duomo facciata facade con

Armour, Place of creation: Germany Date: Circa 1590 School: Augsburg Material:

Late German Gothic period (approx. 1480) armour belonging to Duke Siegmund of Tyrol

Burgonet Filippo Negroli (Italian, Milan, ca. Filippo Negroli (Italian, Milan, ca.

Philadelphia Museum of Art - Waistcoat Corselet (torso defense) with Pauldrons (shoulder defenses), for use in combat on ship Artist/maker unknown, German.

Medieval Armor

Field Armor | German, Nuremberg | The Met

The Lion Armour (Italian made, circa 1550) Leeds Royal Armouries collection, UK. : interestingasfuck

Crinet (Armor for Horse), Attributed to Romain des Ursins (Italian, Milan, recorded in Lyon Culture: Franco-Italian. Dimensions: 33 x 6 in. x cm), wt.

Field Armor of Duke Ulrich of Wurttemberg German 1507 CE embossed etched blued and gilded steel

1480-1485 - 'Panzerhandschuh (gauntlet)', German, Deutsches


Shaffron Attributed to Romain des Ursins (Italian, Milan, recorded in Lyon 1493–

Medieval Tales

Partial armour Lucio Marliani, called Piccinino - Milan, Italy c…

Northern German or Northeastern Netherlandish Illuminated Initial "H" from a Prayerbook, 15th century

Armor of the Dukes of Alba Lucio Piccinino (Italian, Milan, active ca.

Historically, gauntlets were used by soldiers and knights. It was considered an important piece


"Michael Angelo" painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City, Italy. **I am pinning this because of the way they spelled "Michelangelo!

suit of armor - - Yahoo Image Search Results

Armet (helmet) | Italy, ~1490. This helmet was previously di… | Flickr

Giovan Paolo Negroli. Breastplate. Italy, Milan, ca. 1540–45.

Armet Date: ca. with later additions Geography: Milan Culture: Italian, Milan Medium: Steel, brass Dimensions: H. g) Classification: Helmets Credit Line: ...

The Armada Campaign, 1588: • Spanish lancer • German Reiter • Spanish hargulatier

Armour of Henry Herbert, 2nd Earl of Pembroke

Elements of a Light-Cavalry Armor Date: ca. 1510 Geography: Milan Culture


Title: Porträt der Markgräfin Emilie von Brandenburg Tags: Hat, Neckchain, Hairnet Date

A Knight's Tale - Promo

Germany, century in the style of armours made in Nuremberg

Sallet close helm, visor and bevor open Medieval helmet gothic armor

DS Artifacts

Image result for medieval knight armor

German horse armor from the 1560s. Horse Armor. Tournament Book, 1560-70

Mongol Empire (1200 to 1480 AD)

real female armor - Pesquisa Google

Persian armor, kulah khud (helmet), char-aina (chahar-aina) chest armor with four plates, dastanas/bazu band (vambrace/arm guards) with covered hand guards, ...


Historic Scale Armor ; made of Pangolin Scales

hat with armor - North Italian 15th Century, Francesco Sforza, probably c. 1480

4024 best Italian art images on Pinterest | Renaissance paintings, Artworks and Baroque

The Gotha Lovers, Master of the Housebook, 1480. Reinette: German Style from

Maps showing development toward national unity, 910-1492

Antonius Buch der Beispiele — Schwaben, um 1480/1490 Cod


this guy is no relation to us, but I included it to show the elegant armor but I don't know the year either

The Granada Venegas Family, 1431-1643: Nobility, Renaissance and Morisco Identity By Elizabeth Ashcroft Terry A dissertation sub

kotbs-look-02.jpg (1575×3568)


Guidonian Hand, music treatise by Elias Salomon, 1274 - Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan MS

title page

Florian, German, no further info. He looks rather dainty.

Book of Hours, Use of Rome ('The Hours of Dionora of Urbino') (Eleonora Gonzaga della Rovere). Central Italy Attributed to Matteo da Milano.

The Wittelsbach Court in Munich: History and Authority in the Visual Arts

Light Korean body armor

ArtStation - Female Viking Armor, Keriem Dijksma

Writhen Hilted Sword Location: probably Germany Dated: about 1480 Source & Copyright:

Armour Projects and Patterns