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Blue diamond teaching her gems to be the best fuckbois t

Blue diamond teaching her gems to be the best fuckbois t


Blue diamond teaching her gems to be the best fuckbois they can be

But everything changed when the homeworld gems attacked

I'm sure this actually happened


Pin by Kewa Kay on Steven Universe | Pinterest | Steven universe and Universe

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Jasper's description, Guide to the Crystal Gems

HEck THiS iS exACtLY wHAT I️WAs ThINkiNg dURinG ThAT ePiSODe

Peridot Shipping, I'm Peridot and whenever my friend(s) find the fanfiction I write

#stevenuniverse, #su, #crystalgems, #homeworldgems

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what am i looking at

Kisses 2 by Papayawhipped

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Fantheoriesandfoodporn: Gem fusion- Arms Steven Universe Yeah but Pearl and Amethyst don't exactly hate each other

"they both have a lot of stuff to work out but they don't. "

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Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond

OH my Gosh, her hat on her hair is adorable! More information. More information. Cool Blue Diamond

I will make Yellow Denim a character and I want this au to be a fashion design battle! The Denim Authority vs. Rose Jortz and the Crystal Jeans!- BatXan

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Steven Universe - Blue Diamond 02 by theEyZmaster on DeviantArt

22 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know -- useless albeit interesting facts. | Facts? | Pinterest | Mind blowing facts

To celebrate Blue Pearl temporary joining us.

More information

I swear if this happens ill die. I will drop dead. In fact I

She's doing her best

Yellow Diamond, White Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Pink Diamond is no

"Eu só quero saber a verdade". Blue Diamond ...

Yellow and Blue Diamond

Classy Diamonds (Drawendo is back)

You have know excuse, Pearl.

Media Tweets by Andy (@andydraws_) | Twitter

Blue Pearl!!!

Zircons analysis < < < I don't know about that.

Blue Diamond

Fart Joke by Amphibizzy on DeviantArt

another mural redraw! this one took much longer for some reasons. white diamond's next (hopefully) “BLUE DIAMOND | YELLOW DIAMOND | WHITE DIAMOND ...

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Right now, I am a Defect, but I WILL be a Quartz! Maybe

swim in that hair yo

I think you're pretty great.

blue zircon, space attorney

The trial isn't fair, you have no rights and she is not a

Did you see this?

I really love her design Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond Steven Universe, Diamond Authority, Yellow Diamonds, Rebecca Sugar Art, Fanart, Gemstone, Ship, Cartoons, Universe

Currently embracing pearls and lots of blues. Two of my many favorite things 😌💙 | Lola Glenn | Pinterest | Favorite things and Pearls

Protective Jasper

When some one insults Steven universe part 2

Gunfireandagility : Photo ruby and sapphire wepons

Blue Pearl from Steven Universe

LAZULI THE HIDEOUS NEW GEM with some extra BBQ sauce. seriously the entire “Barn

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Couplea friends of mine call her patty and pancake

Image result for blue diamond mourning over pink diamond

How I feel all the time | gems | Pinterest | Steven universe, Universe and Steven univers

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I need this crossover now

Harsh Boogie

Steven Universe: Trending Images Gallery | Know Your Meme

Guide to the Crystal Gems - Amethyst.

I knew pearl liked Rose bit I didn't think she'd do this!

Lapidot Pics II

Training the Amethyst

Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond from Steven Universe.

Steven univers

The luminous lustrous glimmering blue diamond

Steven universe

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Aushau. Diamond AuthorityBlue ...

Jasper's description, Guide to the Crystal Gems | Steven Universe | Pinterest | Steven universe, Gems and Universe

stevenuniverse < < < no they meant someone who hasn't watched steven universe

查看 アナゴ・サマエル (@anagosamaeru):https://twitter.com · Steven Universe DiamondDiamond AuthorityBlue ...

Diamond Authority, Yellow Diamonds, Gemstone, Universe, Gem

Pearl by https://sibandit.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

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a diamond with gregory

Can't believe this is real

Me, and thecancerthatkills will fuseband together t thecancerthatkil Knackie steven universe Rebecca Sugar

My only question. How did pink diamond get on top the diamond. Ooo wait

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I'm so bitter I never noticed how bad they were at consistency (except

so if gems are born knowing their purpose… < < < dat sweet sweet French reference doe

Yellow and Pink Diamond by MooMoo-of-Doom on DeviantArt

Rose quartz can't melt diamond palanquins

I looked at the pictures, didn't watch the videos, so until then

Blue Diamond

Steven Universe: Image Gallery

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