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Black Diamond Stingray Fishy t Aquariums Glass

Black Diamond Stingray Fishy t Aquariums Glass


Leopoldi Black Diamond fresh water stingray - wish these were legal to keep in Georgia.

Black Diamond Freshwater Stingray - Captive Bred - © Josh Hanson

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un-described freshwater stingray from Potamotrygon genus

Leopoldi Stingray

How to get your new stingray into your aquarium

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Black Diamond Stingray

Picture of a ocellate river stingray

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black diamond stingray - Google zoeken

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Keeping Motoro stingray Potamotrygon motoro in home fish tanks

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Leopoldi stingray aquarium.

Freshwater Oddballs

Leopoldi Stingray 1

Black Diamond stingray pup feeding

Freshwater stingray tank mates

Freshwater Baby Stingray Tank (S7 Edge)

The white-blotched river stingray ( Potamotrygon leopoldi ). Photo courtesy of International Rivers

Can I keep a bluespotted stingray in an aquarium?

Beautiful tanks folks!

17, 6 ft fish tank : 6 ft fish tank with cabinet and lid,proffesional joiner made this for me, gloss black, 72"x18"x18", it comes with sand,2 lights,heater ...


Stingrays are bottom dwellers and most of the time, stingray owners mix them with top dweller. Usually, stingrays are mixed with arowanas, they are good to ...

BLACK DIAMOND SAND tanks! Let's see them "blasting away" here!!! - The Planted Tank Forum

Monster Path: Arowanas, Oscars, Peacock Bass, Black Diamond Stingrays, Super Red Aros - YouTube

This morning I fed my fish frozen blackworm, and the Rays were hovering over the area where the worms were, so I am assuming they were eating some of those.

Sorry bout the glare, only pic i could find at he moment of this tank.


Freshwater Stingray Care Sheet

Fish tank with pump & fresh water fish

stayed tuned for more pictures tomorrow!

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Fish tank 2m curved glass

6-Feet Glass Rectangle Aquariums

Red Sea REEFER XL 525 White 108-Gallon Glass Aquarium Set


3-months old Black Diamond puppies is still not so black.

Potamotrygon Leopoldi black diamond Stingray in a fish tank.

Tsunami 320-Gallon 72"Lx36"Wx36"H Half Cylinder Acrylic Aquarium Setup

What do freshwater stingrays eat?


Freshwater Stingray Care Sheet

Fish Tank/ Aquarium 29 Gal. Acylic High Quality

And here comes – above - a closer look: The colour pattern clearly identifies him (it is a supposed male) as a member of the "Black Ray" group.

Malaysia Mahseer (Tor) with Black Diamond Stingray Lucky Tropical Fish farm

Aggressive cichlids - Africans, Peacock Bass, ...

A short video clip showing my Potamotrygon leopoldi

Asian Arowana


The tank is not new and aros, endli bichir lived there for awhile already. The water is permanently salted. I use dechlorinator also.

Fresh water Stingray for sale


Tsunami 325-Gallon 120


Freshwater stingray eats a lot, which means they have a lot of waste to release. Rays are very sensitive with the water parameters especially with ammonia,

[ IMG]

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best fish tanks

The Best Fish Tanks Of 2018


Hybrid Stingray

Black Diamond Stingray pair eating

3 Little Fish

I just picked up this little guy really thrilled on the chance to get to watch him develop.

I don't test my water at all, maybe like a finger dip but thats about it. My father says to clean it once a month. (NOTE: The heater is under the rocks so ...

Rája etetés - feeding Black diamond stingrays | Stingrays for sale

2015 Top 10 Freshwater Fish

It is incredibly important to select the right lighting system for your tank .

Fancy Betta

best small fish tank


Aquarist - At the beginning of dental school I wanted to keep a pet. My

Black diamond hybrid stingray born on 30/09/17. Swipe right to see

Fish Pet Names

BIG Saltwater Aquarium

Baby Red Tail Catfish Swimming against Aquarium Glass

The best way to ensure that you can have a healthy aquarium is to plan ahead and spend time working with and enjoying your fish.

It can be an interesting combination, if you have the tank space. For more info on gars and other ancestral fishes, be sure to check out PrimitiveFish.com.

22 OCT 2012- Pure Black Diamond Stingray(+/-15cm ) Exported More photo for viewing, click: http://www.flickr.com/photos/5749143...7631825003434/

Plymouth Discus

Acrylic Fish Tanks

Potamotrygon sp. itaituba p14 babys First stingray birth at Greece!!!

10, £170 if gone this week FISH TANK FOR SALE : FOR SALE FISH TANK WITH SUMP AND PIPE WORK 10MM GLASS WITH GLASS COVERS £200 ono TANK 36"L X 18"W X 30"H 318 ...