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Bitlis My Armenia t Kurdistan and Armenia

Bitlis My Armenia t Kurdistan and Armenia


Wilson's Demarcation of the Armenia-Turkey Border

Map of historic Armenian with Lake Van at its center. (from Encyclopædia Britannica Online

Kurdish-inhabited area by CIA (1992) box inset removed.jpg

The kaza (county) of Bulanik (Source: Vital Cuinet, La Turquie d'Asie: géographie administrative, statistique, descriptive et raisonée de chaque province de ...

Horizon Weekly Newspaper

In 1917, the creation of Kurdistan, Armenia and Israel was one of the war aims of US President Woodrow Wilson. After having sent the King-Craine Commission ...

A 1946 Turkish military map of “rebellious tribes” in Eastern Anatolia. Original source and much more fascinating information on the Turkish military's use ...

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A Cartographic Survey of the Kurdish Question in Seven Maps

8 Bitlis

Wilsonian Armenia

Republics of Armenia by zalezsky ...

An Armenian farmer's family

bitlis old town kurdistan

The British Deep State and the Armenian Riots

Approximate area encompassing the Sheikh Sa'id of Piran Rebellion

Armenian people gather around a chasm in the mountain during a commemoration ceremony at a site called 'Dudan' near Diyarbakir, and believed to be a mass ...


Houshamadyan - a project to reconstruct Ottoman Armenian town and village life

Armenian Involvement in the 1925-1946 Kurdish Rebellions in Republican Turkey: Trying to Map the Origins of “Hidden Armenians (By Garabet Krikor Moumdjian) ...

Mapping Complexities and Shared Histories Between Kurds, Armenians, and Turks

Houshamadyan - a project to reconstruct Ottoman Armenian town and village life

Greater Armenia, a Terrorist state

bitlis turkish kurdistan

Kurdish children play in the grounds of William Saroyan's family home in Bitlis, Eastern Turkey. Photo by John Lubbock.

Genocide against Turks

A Kurdish tribal chief, from the Bitlis-Van region. Late 19th century.

By the end of the century, however, that population has grown to 30,000, and included a large population of Armenians. The Armenian population in Bitlis was ...

A scene from the exhibit

A scene from the exhibit

Kurdish Village in Bitlis Province, Turkey (by Nesiho Asiraki)

Mysterious and incredible lace work on the central part of Goshavank Monastery khachqar. and khachkhar found from Bitlis.


Armenian Elements in the Beliefs of the Kizilbash Kurds Dr. Matti Moosa

bitlis turkish kurdistan

Bitlis, 1900. Sağda Bitlis Kalesi ..Çok güzel....İnanılmaz güzel.... pic.twitter.com/72mg35amem

Image: US Must Kick Turkey Out of NATO, Declare Support for Kurds

Kharpert Armenian Church. See more. Bitlis'de bir hackar kalintisi

It translates a dialogue with our hero Corto, and a group of pan-Islamist Kurds fighting alongside Enver Pasha for Kurdish autonomy:

China as Refuge for Armenian Genocide Survivors*

Van, Van Gölü nde Lim adası (Adır adası) Keşiş manastırı

Meghri ...

Children play in the courtyard of the old Ihlasiye Madresesi, or religious school, in Bitlis, Turkey. Bitlis's population was half Armenian before 1915, ...

Turkish Starts Operation Against Kurdish Rebels Near Iranian, Iraqi Borders

Names of destroyed Armenian villages

My grandfather had survived as an adult, relatively openly, sheltering other Armenians in a way that doesn't seem to have been completely disguised.

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Old Armenian church near Bitlis. Photo taken by John Lubbock.

482 A.D. (traditional date); 61. Yerevan Van To find Armenia: ...

The Armenian Monastary of St. Garabed, Bitlis (4th century, fully destroyed in 1915 by the Turks)

A Kurdish landlord from the region of Mount Hazon (Bitlis province). Late 19th century. The drawing was first published in 1894.

Provincial Armenian wedding in Moush, painting by Garabed Nichanian, 1890 (Source: Nubarian Library, Paris)

The insert is from the Spanish military around 1919; I'm unsure about the grey/red map, but it includes Kurdistan.

Houshamadyan - a project to reconstruct Ottoman Armenian town and village life

The "field" as drawn by Dede

Subdivisions (Upper and Lower Kurdistan)

[ IMG]

Dark heritage: a derelict Armenian church in Diyarbakir. All photos courtesy of the author.

“This is about genocide, dispossession, and a search for meaning…” (Photo by Khatchig Mouradian)

A Discourse of Denial: Memories of the Armenian Genocide | Mining Awareness +

Armenian Genocide, Memoir Souren H. Hanessian, Through The Depths: A True Life Story,

I wouldn't count on those Kurdish nationalists' answers as correct answers. Especially the ones who support terrorist organizations such as PKK (Which ...

Modern Armenia is a small, mountainous country, lacking in natural resources and highly isolated both physically and politically. In the past however, ...

Islamic conquest

The khatchkar monuments at Por

Warfield, Gate Asia Persian Gulf Black Sea Bitlis Van Armenia Armenian Kurdistan

What We Talk About When We Talk About Genocide

Assyrian genocide

Armenian massacres: Descendants emerge from the shadows in Turkey - Telegraph

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Mount Ararat, today located in Turkey, as seen from Armenia's capital Yerevan. It symbolizes Western Armenia in Armenian public mind.

... Times “Battle Lines of the Middle East” display.

A family survives the Armenian genocide and its long aftermath.

Tell that to the Azeris of Armenia

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The Kurds and the State: Evolving National Identity in Iraq, Turkey, and Iran (Contemporary Issues in the Middle East): Denise Natali: 9780815630845: ...

In August, Dr. Rubina Peroomian presented a paper titled, “Diasporan Armenian Literature Entering the Second Century of Continuing Effects of the Genocide” ...

Turkey's pro-Kurdish and oppositional People's Democratic Party (HDP), which obtained 80 mandates in the June 7 parliamentary elections and is represented ...

1743 GIOVANNI BOETTI MANSUR- Caucasus: Armenia Georgia Chechen, Kurdistan Turkey

(Armenian Weekly)—On July 21, the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee overwhelmingly adopted the Berman-Cicilline Amendment based upon the Return of ...

Narin Kurumlu bears a Turkish name and is indeed a Turk, but she is also Armenian, one of the few people of her race whose family clung onto their land ...

Once Armenians or separate ethnic group?

In the land of the massacres, the very last Armenians have been finally been found | The Independent

A panorama of Sassoun. The ruins of the Komk village church complex can be seen on the left. Photograph by George Aghjayan.