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Before Unions UAW t

Before Unions UAW t


"Before unions came along every day was 'bring your child to work day'

This long holiday weekend has been brought to you by the blood, sweat and tears

Auto workers and others march to Nissan's Canton, Mississippi, plant following a pro-

Union demonstrators march outside the Fleetwood and Cadillac plan in Detroit during a General Motors strike

How a 'Right to Your Job' Law Could Help Unions Fight Back Against 'Right to Work'

Virtually all of the benefits and rights you enjoy at work everyday - whether you work

UAW members hold signs saying Fight the Attack on the American Dream

It's unions that built this country and it will be unions that help recover the American Dream.

Before there were Unions there was no middle class . . . you were either rich

Brian Parker, strategic action coordinator for the Transport Workers Union, addresses a crowd before


Daniel Mears—AP

Academic Student Employees fighting for rights

Protect the Middle Class worker from abuse and slavery with trade unions.

There anti-union rhetoric is paid for by corporations. Wise up.

UAW sign.

UAW President Dennis Williams knows that unionizing the Tesla Fremont Factory would be a significant and

The 5 Best Explanations for Why Unions Are Anti-Worker - Foundation for Economic Education

Richard Trumka, President @AFLCIO, and Dennis Williams, President, @UAW, embrace before Trumka addresses a packed house at Cobo.

Thanks to unions, child labor isn't what it used to be. Support

Credit Unions are champions of low-income and working class people

Second Largest Employer = Temp Agencies. miss Unions yet? And don't forget the quality, made in the USA products

New laws have unions singing the blues over the decline in dues

Three Recent Wins Prove Old-Fashioned Union Power Isn't Dead Yet

Unions in America aren't what they used to be. As membership fell dramatically over the last 60 years, labor leaders went from household names to obscure ...

We need to vote for representatives who support unions. - Kiera for We Leave No One Behind (thanks to Unions 4 Workers for the image)

There wasn't always an 8 hour workday. That was fought for by UNIONS

Support the Middle Class, Support America!

Harvard Grad Students Union-UAW on Twitter: "Have you signed an HGSU-UAW union card yet? @SenWarren would if she could. “Unions make America stronger!

Members of SENS-UAW and GWC-UAW at the National Labor Relations Board (Courtesy of Tiffany Yee/SENS-UAW)

Pro-union demonstrators ...

UAW on Twitter: "Helen Marot was born June 9, 1865, activist and reformer for unions, women and children. #PROUAW #UAW https://t.co/p4gkmui0Gr"

CBTU Milwaukee reached out to Region 4 and other labor organizations for donations to help start the program. “Region 4 has been fantastic with their ...

What have other unions won?

Union members hold signs during a rally outside of San Francisco City Hall on February 26

Tesla's troubles with media reports on working conditions and union organizing took a hard right turn on Monday. In response to Reveal's report on Tesla's ...

A reader asked us to check this graphic circulating on the Internet over Labor Day 2015.

SENS-UAW on Twitter: "Join us at the picket line from 11-3! We'll be joined by comrades from our sister unions at Yale, Columbia, and NYU!

Reprinted ...

Unions can't just rely on promises of favourable laws to regain lost ground

AMMO – It's a Fact: Economic Policy Institute Study Shows Unions Give Working People the Power to Make Changes

... new leadership development, and structural change–to insure that the bullying, harassing, divide-and-conquer behavior of bosses, big and small, doesn't ...

The strike did cement Walter Reuther as a leader in the labor movement however, and he was elected president of the UAW in 1946.

Elon Musk with Trump strategist Steve Bannon at a White House industry forum.

36 Reasons to Thank a Union (Even if You Don't Belong to One)

As we observe Women's History Month we know that unions have done so much to improve the lives of women, especially when it comes to making sure they get ...

Fiat Chrysler assembly workers left a UAW-affiliated plant in Warren, Mich.,

Certification elections took place in many shops before a single current member went to work.

Participants at the John Deere network meeting in Detroit

These companies are Pro-Union.

As then-UAW southern region director (and now Secretary-Treasurer) Gary Casteel admitted early this year, in forced-unionism states, the way unions operate ...

We are GENU-UAW!

What have other unions won?

Republicans on and off the bench are moving to kill unions. But millennials—the most pro-union generation since the 1930s—may yet find a way to organize.

What have other unions won?

... or local community organizations—to solve problems and make changes that improve their lives and their communities. Through unions, people join together ...

Auto unions helped put Ford 'back on its feet:' Bill Ford

What have other unions won?

Why The Left Opposes Police Unions

UAW Region 9A Director Julie Kushner

Blaming the unions is a convenient distraction. Don't fall for it.

Heard today in oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court, the lawsuit threatens to eliminate the automatic collection of dues by public sector unions in ...

labor unions political contributions

Michigan unions fight union-busting

Harvard Grad Students Union-UAW on Twitter: "Have you signed an HGSU-UAW union card yet? @SenWarren would if she could. “Unions make America stronger!

What have other unions won?

Demonstrators advocate for a union at Columbia University in New York after the school announced that it won't bargain with the students who voted ...

Henry Nicholas, president of the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees, attends

A United Auto Workers union member wears a shirt with 'UAW United We Stand' on it during a ceremony where members of UAW Local 600 unfurled a banner to ...

UAW on Twitter: "Experts say that unions played a major role in closing the income gap for American workers. https://t.co/YglWBkqpq7"

Tesla Motor Co's Plant As Production Of The Model S Speeds Up


No Representation without Consent – Not Even from Unions - Foundation for Economic Education

Donald Trump and union leaders.After the dramatic appearance of a faction of the leadership of the AFL-CIO with President Donald Trump at a convivial ...


'When Women Have a Union, You Don't Have to Walk In Alone

Nissan worker Tony Jacobson shows off an anti-union t-shirt outside the automaker's plant in Canton, Mississippi, U.S., July 31, 2017. Nick Carey/reuters

Police and union supporters clashed Tuesday in Lansing, Mich., as thousands protested right

Image ...

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The UAW played an integral role over decades in helping to bring attention to and ultimately end the scourge of apartheid in South Africa, providing support ...

Workers at the Shinola Watch factory in Detroit, Michigan.

Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images


Here Are The Candidates The Top 10 Unions In The Country Are Pushing To Be President

#unions #UAW #education #ColumbiaUniversity https://t.co/ugxsO476iv… https://t.co/5SRGeNoxIg"

Image: AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File

UAW Comes to a Mississippi Nissan Plant Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington