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Barbarella39s space rifle Jane Fonda 1968 Steampunk t

Barbarella39s space rifle Jane Fonda 1968 Steampunk t


Actress Jane Fonda Wearing Space-Age Costume for Role in "Barbarella" / 1968

Jane Fonda / publicity photo for Roger Vadim's Barbarella

BARBARELLA 1968 The sci-fi cult classic starring Jane Fonda. Costumes by Jacques Fonteray

Jane Fonda on the set of Barbarella (1968) Photo by Carlo Bavagnoli.

Barbarella-Jane-Fonda-c.jpg (500×785)

Jane Fonda as Barbarella in Barbarella (1968)

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Retro-Future Sci-Fi Girl Jane Fonda, Barbarella

Actress Jane Fonda, wearing space-age costume in publicity still from Roger Vadim's film "Barbarella." Date taken: 1967 Photographer: Carlo Bavagnoli

And who wouldn't love a vintage skunk fur coat (yes, they made

Barbarella [1968] | Promotional [Fonda and Fish]. Directed by Roger Vadim.

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Jane Fonda - Barbarella (1968) | Fantasy Females ...

Publicity handout for the 1968 film 'Barbarella,' with Jane Fonda in tights, bodysuit (with 'exposed' right breast plate), cape, boots and holding a plastic ...


Retro-Futuristic, Sci-Fi Girl, "Barbarella" with Jane Fonda,

Jane Fonda - Barbarella (1968)

Jane Fonda - Barbarella Jacques Fonteray and Paco Rabanne.

Jane Fonda as Barbarella

Jane Fonda in Barbarella (1968)

Jane fonda

John Philip Law as Pygar and Jane Fonda as Barbarella (1968)

American actress Jane Fonda plays the lead in the erotic science fiction fantasy film 'Barbarella' 1968

jane fonda in barbarella

0 jane fonda with a gun 1965

Jane Fonda, 1968, Alfonso Avincola

Resultado de imagem para sarah connor art

Jane Fonda with yet another space gun as Barbarella, 1968

Best Non-Pistol/Rifle Based & NON-Trek Projectile or Beam Weapons

Jane Fonda

Jane fonda as barbarella queen of the galaxy in person signed photo

Jane Fonda “Barbarella” space rifle from the 1968 Life Magazine cover feature on Barbarella

Roger Vadim and Jane Fonda on the set of Barbarella. 1968

Jane Fonda in Cat Ballou (1965) by cinema_lasuperlativ2, via Flickr

Claudia Cardinale in " C'era una volta il West " di Sergio Leone, 1968

Shalako – 1968 – Edward Dmytryk Brigitte Bardot

gogo performer drag dragqueen dancer fashion futuristic

Barbarella (1968, France / Italy)

Jane Fonda as space heroine Barbarella

jane fonda means business

Dedicated to all things "geek retro:" the science fiction/fantasy/horror fandom of the past including pin up art, novel covers, pulp magazines, and comics.

Jane Fonda in Barbarella, Dir.

Vintage Space Suits Ad by zaidoigres on deviantART

Barbarella 1968 movie poster with Jane Fonda

Cat Ballou is a 1965 comedic Western starring Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin. Catherine “Cat” Ballou (Fonda), an aspiring schoolteacher, is traveling …

Jane Fonda Barbarella 1968.

1958 Jane Fonda par Milton Greene - Girl Don't Come

Barbarella theatrical poster

14 Sci-Fi Heroines Who Inspired Designers to Take Fashion to Another Dimension. Jane Fonda ...

Barbarella, Jane Fonda, 1968 by Everett

[Toy] #Steampunk gun Victorian laser light and sound Zombie Fall Out Halo #


Barbarella (1968)

Jane Fonda rocking sexy eyes in Barbarella, 1968

Jane Fonda

wild wild west, Megan Fox

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Sybil Danning, Film, Space, Watch, Weapons, Point Blank, Sci Fi, Blood, Guns

Roger Vadim (1968). Outer space gets a mega does of campy, funky psychedelica…also naked Jane Fonda. AWESOMELY BAD but not as awesomely bad as “Starcrash.

45 iconic fashion films, from Roman Holiday to Bonnie and Clyde

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Sixties metallic suit

Deckard's "SSG Blaster" from "Blade Runner"

Woman pose with gun from characterdesigns.com

Mol aka “Silvar” in the US version of 「マグマ大使」 or Ambassador Magma, a.k.a. The Space Giants, 1967

Ignore all the steam punk elements. The shape and style works okay.

Jane Fonda hippie grandmother in Peace Love and Misunderstanding

Jane Fonda and her husband, the director Roger Vadim, on the set of Barbarella, 1968

Steam punk Gun

Retro futurism back to the future tomorrow tomorrowland space planet age sci-fi pulp flying train airship steampunk dieselpunk alien aliens martian martians ...

Linda Harrison as Nova in Planet of the Apes (1968)

Jane Fonda, Barbarella

AMAZING space cowgirl

space age fashion

Vanessa Hudgens in "Sucker Punch" ...

The 1968 classic sci-fi movie poster. In the year 40,000, a highly

Sputchik with ray gun by Dave Johnson

Paco Rabanne design for Barbarella, 1968

40 years of 2001, Barbarella and Yvette Mimieux

Retro Futuristic, Steampunk Raygun - by Michael Murdock

Barbarella (1968, France / Italy)

Baberella - Jane Fonda

Emily Blunt as Sergeant Rita Vrataski in "Edge of Tomorrow"

retro science fiction - Wallpaper (#1245500) / Wallbase.cc

Elsa Martinelli - The Belle Starr Story (1968

Retro space girl art.

"Barbarella" Jane Fonda 1968 Paramount


space babe | space1970: Space Babe: Maren Jensen

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Barbarella is a 1968 French-Italian science fiction film based on Jean-Claude Forest's French Barbarella comics. The film stars Jane Fonda in the title role ...

SteamPunk Becky Bolt by adventurevisual.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt. # steampunk #

Retro futurismo Sci-Fi | Science Fiction vintage | Ilustraciones retro futuristas años 50s y

Jessica Weaver

Jean Shrimpton, Harper's Bazaar April 1965 - Astronaut Hat

Penny Robinson and Verda the android from season 2 of Lost In Space.

(25) Tumblr · Jane Fonda ...

Space Girl

The Victorian Steampunk space helmet. Imperial work by my good friend Herr Doktor. (via nikhewitt)

barbarella xxx parody