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art goals seems like barely anything but I would love to be able to draw this im really close tho my arts good apparently.

I want Steven to get some of the Rose Quartz gems or maybe even talk to blue diamond and convince her to help them

cute memeish stuff from Steven Universe on Cartoon Network created by Rebecca Sugar.

And Greg looks like one of those squishy rubber toys where the eyes get bigger when you squeeze it😃

It was mostly Connie, but it was also how Kevin made him uncomfortable. Steven

Steven Universe (TV Series 2013– ) - Steven Universe (TV Series 2013– ) - User Reviews - IMDb

Ruby Gauntlet by AngeliccMadness

Steven Universe is a defining example of artistic resistance in our time

Connie is such a great character because she's the only main character on the show who doesn't have magic powers or anything but she's still willing to ...

Ronaldo with an oboe.

Blue Diamond. “

Have some funposts

Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar on animation and the power of empathy

"Here Comes a Thought" | Steven Universe | Cartoon Network - YouTube

Look at yellow diamonds, she has two stars !" < < < < That's actually a really interesting theory.

In "Horror Club", Lars and Ronaldo are seen to be childhood friends, but their relationship becomes strained after Ronaldo takes a picture of Lars being hit ...

Poor Steven grows up faster and faster with every new episode…

Pearl is seen dual-wielding her weapon in "Ocean Gem", throwing it in "Giant Woman" and "Coach Steven", and firing projectiles from it in "Watermelon ...

A beautiful analysis of Greg Universe and his relationship with Rose Quartz.

Rose bears a similarity to Ishtar, the Mesopotamian goddess of love, beauty, desire, fertility, war, combat, and political power. Another example of this is ...

When Hawking wrote that "we would know the mind of God," he meant


The Crystal Gems

And believe me, these things are on the way. Having said that, the AI-first mindset will be less visible than the mobile-first mindset.

I believe in the power of, you. I believe that you can do anything. I believe in the power of humanity and what you can do to make my life better, ...

Buck Dewey

Steven Universe is quietly exploding. What has it been like seeing the show grow into a bigger property?


People won't have time for you if you are always angry or complaining.


I think that steven wasnt going to survive childbirth, so rose gave her gem to him. So he could very well have split into rose and his lifeless body.

Steven Rose, Choice Support's Chief Executive, talks in the Guardian about alternatives to help people with challenging behaviour.

I assume the two Gems referred to here are White Diamond and Blue Diamond, and I'd just like to mention that it is unusual that both White and Blue Diamonds ...

Because it hasn't been confirmed that Rose is Pink Diamond, and it seems highly unlikely that she is, but she is shown to have healing powers - think back ...

Turning Pro: Tap Your Inner Power and Create Your Life's Work unknown Edition

Quote Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. - Stephen Hawking

He says that, before he became a senior adviser to the President, he was a successful player in the film industry. But what did he actually do?

Soul Control Bundle

Steven Spielberg's The Post makes an entertaining, timely case for the First Amendment

Are we wired to believe in a higher power?

However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at

In the case of regularity or irregularity, we have two different ways of conveying the concept “an action that took place in the past,” or in the case of ...

Cartoon Network

stephen miller

The vaunted human capacity for reason may have more to do with winning arguments than with thinking straight.

Steven Universe

I believe things cannot make themselves impossible. - Stephen Hawking

The POWER PRINCIPLE: INFLUENCE WITH HONOR: Blaine Lee: 9780684846163: Amazon.com: Books


Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are: Seth Stephens-Davidowitz: 9780062390851: Amazon.com: Books

Thaddeus Stevens

Is the world really better than ever? – podcast

I feel very lucky to make a living from my imagination; I'm very

Leadership is a choice, not a position. - Stephen Covey

The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone: Steven Sloman, Philip Fernbach: 9780399184352: Amazon.com: Books

Steven Universe

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist and a popular television science expert. He

You mean it's a cut out...? by TheZodiacLord ...

At ...

The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone: Steven Sloman, Philip Fernbach: 9780399184352: Amazon.com: Books

Hatch arrived in the Senate as a kind of advance guard for the Reagan revolution—a small-government, Western-style conservative. He first made his mark ...

Does Stephen Miller have any friends? An investigation. How many of us? How many jealous? Power

Live the Life You Love: Empowered: Steven E., Lee Beard: 9781933063140: Amazon.com: Books

Steven Pinker on Language, Reason, and the Future of Violence (Ep. 14 — Live at Mason)


Photo illustration by WG600*

(Un)Qualified: How God Uses Broken People to Do Big Things

How does Stephen Hawking speak and write?

Oklahoma City Thunder v Utah Jazz - Game Three

Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and

It was clear, Loki had the greatest power.

Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs. - Stephen Covey

Government officials spent years investigating Steven Cohen's financial empire.

Why do ...


“I like to think that I helped get Donald Trump elected President,” Flynn said. “Maybe I helped a little, maybe a lot.”

Act One: God's Country by Steven Dietz October 19 -23 Tara Studio London

After years of hinting at it, physicist Stephen Hawking


The Science of Happiness: Why complaining is literally killing you. | Curious Apes

What is this soul-searching Steven is talking about? Well, I believe the question we should be asking is “why would Steven want to make his ...

Steven Universe, Cartoon Network, Rebecca Sugar

Stephen Hawking asserts that "there is no ...

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'The result is something like both The Simpsons and The West Wing, served with. '

Inside the Mind of Steven Spielberg, Hollywood's Big, Friendly Giant | WIRED

Rose Quartz is fighting whom I believe to be Blue Diamond as reminiscent of the scene in “The Answer”. Though they probably fight later on in history, ...