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And Inside The Effect Was Terrific Comic Repartee t

And Inside The Effect Was Terrific Comic Repartee t


Marvel X Men comic issue 1 True Believers

It's Fantastic Four #82 here to entertain us with jokes and repartee and perhaps some juggling and then some name-dropping anecdotes about meeting John and ...

Not Brand Echh #14 – It was difficult finding every issue of the 13 issue run of the original series on the spinner racks back in the late sixties but I ...

Action Comics #991 – Dan Jurgens (writer & breakdown art) Viktor Bogdanovic (pencils) Viktor Bogdanovic, Trevor Scott & Scott Hanna (inks) Mike Spicer ...

Poe Dameron #7

Fantastic Four Issue - Read Fantastic Four Issue comic online in high quality

Fantastic Four Issue - Read Fantastic Four Issue comic online in high quality

On The Batman/Spider-Man Team-Ups Of The Nineties, or, "A New Age Dawning On Disordered Minds": A Guest Blog by "Babble" Writer Lee Robson

Superman #35 – Patrick Gleason & Peter J. Tomasi (writers) Travis Moore, Stephen Segovia & Art Thibert (art) Danei Ribeiro (colours) Rob Leigh (letters).

george perez fantastic four

The showdown is a surprise for both combatants, and if you like surprises, just wait until you see the last page.

Fantastic Four Vol. 2 An AGE OF ULTRON tie-in! Will the rise of the artificial intelligence Ultron cause the premature end of the Fantastic Four's sojourn ...

And Inside, The Effect Was Terrific.

superdames: “Miss Victory” in Captain Aero #13 (1944)

That tree's loosing a lot of blood!

“Rules of Engagement” concludes with a terrific sword fight between Catwoman/Selina and Talia, Batman's ex. The verbal repartee ...

Fantastic Four Annual # 3 by Jack Kirby & Mike Esposito. THE Wedding,My all time favourite.

It's not all witty banter and repartee, though. My one complaint about the first issue was the prologue that didn't seem to have any sort of bearing on the ...

Obscurity of the Day: Dawn O'Day in Hollywood

Striking Back: Black Lightning and Reading Race (part two) | The Middle Spaces

I do not like the cover of the latest Hawkeye #1, which is out in stores this week. I discussed this with Mr. Travis when it appeared in Previews, ...

[from Justice League of America #173 (Dec 1979), art by Dick Dillin and Frank McLaughlin)

Poe Dameron #7

and the robot-repartee. Why didn't they call it Lost in Space? Well they did once the TV series started. This was a favourite comic ...

Signs You Might Be a Mad Scientist: Burning desire to make 'them' pay via advanced technological means. Crazy hair and a wardrobe full of identical white ...

Eating won't fill the void inside you, Diana. Just call Trevor already.

Retro Vintage Comic Book Pop Art Sci-fi Science Fiction Illustration Monkey

Star Wars #24

A fantastic, frightening and unique story from the mini kuš! line of art comix. Told in a morass of ugly, misshapen scenes in rigid panels, ...

In 1988, Steve Ringgenberg interviewed Jerry Robinson in Comics Interview and did a great job. Here is his in depth and great three part interview, ...

Laura shuts him down in a way that lets him know where she stands that vibes with the comic repartee these characters have. The Wolvies got a plane to catch ...

Christopher Priest Interview - 2 - Deathstroke

... you seek to destroy our planet… Do you expect me to show you mercy? If so, forget it, fiends. There's nothing I won't do to stop you. Nothing!

Black Lighting and Green Arrow meet for the first time (from World's Finest Comics #256, May 1979 – art by Dillin and Chiaramonte)

In ...

How are we to read Black Lightning's suggestion that the law would be applied equally? Sarcastically? (Justice League of America #173)

Poe Dameron #7

Green Arrow realizing that results matter more than intentions (Justice League of America #174, January 1980)

Anyways, Batman confronts Carnage, and they share a bit of repartee. When Carnage smiles, his spiky red smile, Bruce flashes back to his nightmare... which ...

by Frank Santoro

Doctor Polaris calls Black Lightning a “black idiot!” in World's Finest Comics #260 (January 1980) – art by Netzer and Coletta



Spectacular Spider-Man: Who Needs Friends

Jack ...

Dawn O'Day in Hollywood was a semi-precious gem of a strip that, unfortunately, was rarely seen by anyone except the readers of the Chicago Tribune.

Unless Gene Colan has an amazing ability to mimic. Jack Kirby's style, I think this picture of the FF is a cut and paste job!

The entire first issue is the backstory of the Amazons, which just isn't very ...

Ed Benes' Scarecrow

Vintage comics, taken out of context.

Connie, September 11 1938, courtesy of Cole Johnson.

“Give it up, punk. You're finished. Just look at you. You're finished.” “Look at you. You can't even get up. You're the one who's finished. khoff.

... gods and goddesses, plus Colonel Steve Trevor and his adjutant, Lieutenant Etta Candy. We meet a few other characters on Steve's Air Force base, ...

The problematic “destroying their own neighborhoods” narrative is a strong suggestion in this scene when Black Lightning confronts The Regulator.

Another Drink retro vintage comic book pop art illustration

... 8-2daredevil-v1-38-1968-5

The pair arrive at the wreckage of Joker's building and see Carnage's tendrilly hand sticking out from the rubble. Spider-Man suggests that he's just ...

Black Lightning rejects the offer of membership (the first time). Justice League of America #173 (Dec 1979)

Pacing is one of the hardest things to get right when writing a comic. It goes without saying: your process involves taking snippets of scenes and ideas and ...

In the seafood shack booth, where five plainclothed superheroes and an adorable toddler (Lian is the MVP of this story, RIP) are crammed in, they decide on ...

... implies that they have been fighting for the entire time it takes the hired criminals to track down Daredevil, lose to him in a fight, and then return ...

#77 Man-Thing in “ ...

A team-up that nobody asked for, executed perfectly, bringing light to Batman and shade to Fudd to great effect.

Archie and Jughead

He drops the baddie, and the would be victim asks why Spider-Man would ever be in Gotham... yeesh, ya ever hear of "Thank You"?

Before getting to into the interiors, I want to spend a moment with the cover of Justice League of America #173 (by Dick Dillin and Dick Giordano).

Luke Cage in a brawl

... June 1980) without any sort of test, secret or otherwise, just Superman vouching for him.

Luke Cage the 1970s hero for hire (Marvel Comics) in his prison uniform

Image Comics October 2017 cover


... THE BOOK OF GENESIS ILLUSTRATED Vol.1 UNDERGROUND #1-4 THOR #604 LOVE BUZZ OGN Big Eyes For the Cape Guy presents YOKAIDEN Vol. 2 Indie Jones presents…


One ...

I like the contrast between Jon's youthful enthusiasm and Damian's grim cynicism.

Art: Mike Zeck, John Beatty & Christie Scheele Marvel $0.75

Regardless of their witty repartee, the fight doesn't go well. The two non superheroes get captured. How sad.


Cletus ain't got the time for all that spoo, and would prefer just gutting every last Gothamite up close and personal.

After Batman tells Spidey to buzz off, we shift over to Carnage and the Joker... where the former is dripping some symbiotic goop on the latter.

Carnage wraps Batman up in his tendrils and starts running his spiky-red mouth. While Spidey considers his next move... the Joker arrives to stop (chili ...

It should come as little shock that as Kafka and Spidey watch ol' Cletus, he breaks out of the glass pod he'd been held captive in.

Glass goes everywhere, and Spider-Man and Carnage begin punching each other in the face.

In fact, the Ringmaster appears all the way through the comic (trying to make off with the stolen paintings on the last but one page) albeit separated from ...

John Byrne, Marvel Two-In-One #50

Luke Cage origin flashback / recap

... in Kingbreaker in fact he didn't even attempt to use it (and he had prior knowledge of Alex's powers) and Alex proceeded to beat his face in for ...

9 Jan 2011

It turns into an orgy of sound effects, Orzechowski laying them out Adam West-style, until they trade five (five!) sound effects at once and collapse.

The old books they signed and the new stuff I bought. At lower right, MCCC also put together a nice program — original front cover art by Dave Gibbons; ...

Luke Cage the 1970s hero for hire (Marvel Comics) puts on his costume