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Abzu cute robot protag cute t Robot Character

Abzu cute robot protag cute t Robot Character


Abzu cute robot(?) protag!

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Journey and ABZU - Journey fan art


A quick ABZU fanart. I love that the Great White Shark isn't antagonized in this game.

Abzu and Journey by merriville on DeviantArt

61 best Abzu images on Pinterest | Videogames, Video games and Concept art

Pretty Pictures · Science Fiction · Abzu and Journey - Between Two Worlds - Journey fan art


pretty guys by DeArto on DeviantArt

MixMaster 3000 on Behance · Robot IllustrationArt IllustrationsFlat Design RobotsPuzzleCharacter ...


Deep sea diver Steampunk family character design and robots

cute robot hover sprite - Google Search

go check out the rest of the lonely robots! they are awesomeeeee

Little Robot Buddy by Bloodfire09 on DeviantArt

A tattooed robot

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Unilateral force-induced isokinetic breakfast trials : Photo

Gortys is a pretty cute robot.

Cute robot love

Tyranny ...

Cute Robot Art Prints 4 pack 5x7 by Opafaf on Etsy, $40.00

出雲重機 / IZMOJUKI(@izmojuki)さん | Twitter

Grow Home was born of an experiment in procedural animation, almost accidentally creating a lovely game to support it. Grow Up [official site] was born of a ...

In tottering hero B.U.D., a robot who behaves like a drunk toddler, Ubisoft found a protagonist more engaging and iconic than any number ...



GIANT SQUID — While working on ABZÛ, our creative director Matt.



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... with its cool skyscrapers and evil robot spider fortresses, can look really good. You could imagine a great game set in it, but this isn't that game.

Podcast: Who's your favourite robot?

... to a target set-point in a fixed amount of time without any discontinuities. It has a nice ease-in/ease-out character that keeps the response fluid.

GIANT SQUID — While working on ABZÛ, our creative director Matt.

Sure Abzu is pretty short and is "just" an exploring diving simulator, but it's so pretty and so relaxing that it made it to my best of 2017 list.


Another trick we use when texturing is to actually cut into the geometry for certain designs or details. In some cases this is better than painting in the ...

He also took part in a round table on Chroma Squad, Behold Studios' Super Sentai send-up.

One ...

battleborn pic 6

As ...


Abzu final.jpg


Star Fox Zero

The possibilities are truly endless for what can be achieved with this impressive little robot and I hope to share more good pratice here!

Another ...

No winners or losers: how games misrepresent ecologies | ReadySet - The Largest Collection of Online Gaming Information

Now you can do the wrench dance while walking down the street!

Unilateral force-induced isokinetic breakfast trials : Photo

ABZÛ E3 Trailer

Horizon Zero Dawn

There's lots more to the Silent Running update. Check out the Silent Running update website to see more!

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While by no means a perfect game, Persona 5 has left its memory on me in a big way. I didn't realize how much I liked these characters until I was done ...

This guy apologizes for the framerate.

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South Park photo


Review: XCOM 2's War of the Chosen expansion adds layers of new challenge, personality, and narrative

Review: Celeste doesn't sacrifice fun in favor of its devilish difficulty

Decorating is a big part of any Halloween celebration. So what better way to get in the mood than to decorate your whole house in cute pumpkin furniture or ...

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Review: Brawlhalla Doesn't Quite Hit Hard Enough

Here's a slightly random aside. Many years ago I was on a press trip for Call Of Duty II. So probably around 2004. Activision took us to Poland, ...

Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers ; Finally, Super Robot Wars is back in english! While there's a fair few flaws with the translation it's a miracle it ...

Attack on Titan game

James: Fighting those AI giant robots with about six ARMS each was pretty tough. Staying mobile and remembering to actually use the jump and dodge buttons ...

Honorable Mention. Titanfall 2 (Respawn Entertainment, PC)

... deep below it's lush exterior.

The Steam equivalent of the drunk friend who keeps offering to pay your tab all night.

Jan 1 2016, 9:04am

Characters and Plot

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Ubisoft is making a sequel to Grow Home

ps4 game deals doom

Areas like this, where they clearly designed a level for a mission and made it

Force Awakens Image 2

Creating an organic interconnected game world in Giant Squid's Abzu

Having this to remind us of past exploits in Destiny is a really great idea.

galaga 1.3

7. Xenoblade Chronicles X


The game has a promising start, but doesn't really escalate from there.