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AURORA Light Bulb on Behance VARIOSARKITEC t

AURORA Light Bulb on Behance VARIOSARKITEC t


AURORA Light Bulb on Behance

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LED SPOTLIGHT by IOTA design, via Behance

Rafael Messaggi on Behance

NIKE+VEGA on Behance

Bath Radio by Lina Kuroi, via Behance

SOLAR LIGHTINGS by IOTA design, via Behance

I created a minimalistic and clean website for Nude Audio, a rising start-up based in San Francisco.

SONOS ZonePlayer S1 Concept by Stefan Reichert, via Behance

Zapcap on Industrial Design Served

Mercedes-Benz Struktur Accelo Concept 2020 by Gabriel Pontual, via Behance

Various Concepts on Behance

A new cordless 20v max hedge trimmer, one third of Black and Decker's new POWERCOMMAND

myeongwoo jung on Behance - Love a good success story? Learn how I went from zero to 1 million in sales in 5 months with an e-commerce store.


Sketches we like / Digital Sketch / Golf / Tour Series Jacket by IOTA Design, via Behance


What does a Vacuum Cleaner do that an Air Purifier doesn't? Read at

An all-new method that uses simplicity, creativity and positivity to inspire and connect with a new generation of expecting parents.

GOURMATE | Cooking Appliance & food storage | Designer: Jongha Lee

Possible idea for internal use of imagery and text for infographic

500gls | Unit c.m.a | Citroen

Philips LED Branding web site by Justin Marimon, via Behance

Ce Soir Restaurant on Behance

Can't make up its mind, whether it wants to

Explore The Mountaineer, Identity and more!

The Modern Workhorse - MULE on Behance

Armatura stradale a LED ideale per l'illuminazione pubblica e per l'illuminazione di

Applique a LED orientabile in PMMA TABLET by Linea Light Group design Mirco Crosatto

General lighting | Recessed ceiling lights | Kap | Flos. Check it out on Architonic

Volta 4.5" LED Downlight Invisible Trim

Floating Wall channel emits an ambient glow to deliver unique, dramatic lighting effects

Ecco a voi Nuova Gaia! # illuminazione # lighting # luce # light # led # leds # parchi # parks # giardini ...

Per un appartamento: faretti da incasso direzionali e non con all'interno strip led

Random sketches I took from a couple personal projects I am working on right…

TaylorMade MOAD Visualization on Behance

Plafoniera per interni a LED ad alta efficienza energetica. Ideale per l'illuminazione delle

Tyler Dawson - Industrial Design Portfolio 2014

Design of Hoyo Drill: a Prospective Powertool Hoyo is a prospective power tool, designed by the industrial designer Pascal RUELLE, that breaks up with the ...

Anime arts Anime Art, аниме, арт, длиннопост

Freelance Projects by Anthony Samboer, via Behance

on Behance - water fountain design

"A couple walks past 'Quantum Field- X3', an art installation by

Plato-The robot toy that helps you take care of your child. Lab Part 2 – Vote and Win a trip to Helsinki

Wolf Rebranding on Behance


un led controller wifi per gli strip led RGB e non. Grazie a questo dispositivo

Philips Master Shave on Behance

Blendsetter | for Hamilton Beach by Calvin Tabor, via Behance

Karim Rashid

soulist-aurora: Way home by Hajin Bae

Pumpkin King Scholarship 2014 on Behance

SYNCRO by James Cha, via Behance

Pumpkin King Scholarship 2014 on Behance

Product Design by William Lee, via Behance

Do Amaral, A. - Senior Art Director

This is a neat, elegant solution to a problem that plagues all of us daily

Home Appliances by Raul Gonzalez Podesta, via Behance

Sketchbook on Behance


Pen + Paper on Behance

Product Design Illustrations on Behance This composition is very dynamic. This artist took the concept of deconstruction a product and added a hand whic ...

Pet Accessories on Behance Product Design #productdesign

corian chair, two person tub

Katapult Design · Technology DesignNorthern LightsIndustrial DesignAuroraAurora Borealis

This breezy 'Bose' isn't your average speaker, instead of sweet tunes, it blasts ice cold air cause it is actually an exploration into what an AC unit from ...

The Sensi Standmixer is a concept designed by Peter Braakhuis for the Electrolux Design Lab – a competition where students from around the world are ...

Scott Bryant: Emerging a content strategy from user research. Sketchnoting by Matthew Magain.

The world's best carry-on luggage - its patented "all-terrain" wheels change EVERYTHING! More than a suitcase, it's a travel companion!

SOLAR LIGHTINGS by IOTA design, via Behance

BEAMY the interactive projector on Behance

Kitchen Appliances on Industrial Design Served


316 LINER is a universal design liner which uses a Cap.

HAWKaxe and tomaHAWK tools on Behance Product Design #productdesign

Citroen Cab by Sylvain Weiss, via Behance - powerful color palette great art design banner

Clocks – Projects - BERG

Everything - Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme

Duality by VW on Behance

Mobile Oxygen by Lina Kuroi, via Behance

Once you are dead asleep, there is little use of the night lamp that keeps burning uselessly. The 15 Minutes Lamp is an innovative fusion of

Anime arts Anime Art, аниме, арт, длиннопост

Sketch Book by Colin Jackson, via Behance | sketch, product | Pinterest | Behance, Product design sketching and Product design

A modular vacuum based on Nest's philosophy.

Win: Pod Pendant by Niche Modern

Vivid Sydney Installation Hundreds and Thousands

Artist 500 gls at Illustration Division

PDF HAUS_ Republic of Korea Design Academy / Product design / Industrial design / 工业设计

... https://www.dropbox.com/s/qx95r704luo6ra7/ELECTRA%20120.pdf?dl=0 #LED #leds #impiantisportivi #illuminazione #sport #light #lighting #risparmio

by Stephane Etienne

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iron form design

Drop, a prospective concept.

One Kitchen Appliance to Rule Them All! | Yanko Design

faretti led incasso cartongesso corridoio - Cerca con Google

Vario, My first kitchen appliance on Behance

Mléčná dráha v Yellowstone - fascinující fotografie