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80s kid memories obligatory throwback board t

80s kid memories obligatory throwback board t


11 months and this could have been me.:( not even a year from being born in an awesome time.and now i am in the same group of the children born in 1999 ...

I got: 27 out of 100! How Many Foods Have You Tried?

School lunch...ate with potato chips

Who remembers unfolding the cassette insert to read the lyrics? 1980s Toys Retro ...

Scrapbooking used to mean cutting out pictures and pasting them onto sugar paper pages

I had a new Trapper Keeper for each school year! I had this one at some point, I remember. It was a school supply staple!

Me and my bro's Saturday mornings - never missed this programme! Retro KidsKids ...

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Greg Watts/REX (286266f).. BOTTLE OF SUNNY DELIGHT.. VARIOUS - 1998.

80s life; Can't disagree with any of ...


Sears Talking Computron (1986)

Rubik's Snake; 80s toy! Never quite gained as much popularity as the Cube. Childhood ToysChildhood MemoriesSchool ...

Recording Top 20 · Funny StuffChildhood MemoriesSchool ...

"Today's kids will never know about"Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish" . How many peices would you pick!

Vintage / Retro 1987 Pizza Party Makin', Matchin', Switchin', Snatchin', You Piece Of The Pie Memory Skills Board Game By Parker Brothers

80s toy; Remember this?! It's probably one of the reasons many of us


Relaxation: Chris Porsz said taking photos helped him unwind from his stressful day job as

Avon grape scented pens...oh my gosh, i had grape and strawberry

I do not remember sitting in the car. But I do remember laying across the backseat, laying across the floor of the backseat, standing in the backseat, ...

Have you ever stood in line at the cash point, only to forget your PIN


Ads for Daft Punk merchandise carefully styled to look they're from a 1970s or early 80s issue of, I dunno, Rolling Stone maybe. Via DJ Food.

Here is a recollection of childhood memories spent during the late seventies and early eighties:

My 80's CPC 6128 ready to surf the web!

Flying cars with gull wings that are also time machines? Sign me up! Dehydrated instant pizzas and hover boards? I can't wait! Michael J. Fox as a girl...uh ...

We didn't have time for juvenile games like Operation or Connect Four. That mindless shit was for amateurs and those in search of a quick, cheap thrill.

When my kids see pictures from my childhood, they don't understand why the fun-looking playground equipment is no longer around.

Here is a recollection of childhood memories spent during the late seventies and early eighties:


33. Going crazy for Fusen chewing gum tattoo!

Deal Me In, Teach: Fluxx – BGN Board Game Review ...


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Photo from @NSSRNews on Twitter on NSSRNews at 6/8/18 at 11

Electroconvulsive therapy is controversial and many people believe it is antiquated. But researchers believe it

More Kid Computers of the 1980s

BP Smurf Figurines #80s #smurfs #childhood #memories #childhoodmemories #toys #

As lovers of retro pop culture, we are probably the segment of the world who has thought about time travel the most. How often have you dreamed about going ...

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vintage Fisher Price “little people” toy collection

BP Smurf Figurines #80s #smurfs #childhood #memories #childhoodmemories #toys #


Lucky: A boy shows off what looks to be a 'Chopper'-style

So, are felt sports pennants still a thing? I remember as a really young kid in Tampa, FL it seemed like it was mandatory for all kids to have a Tampa Bay ...

The '80s

Poverty levels fall to the lowest level since the 1980s but squeeze continues for single parents


should be dead (4)

The BASIC Issue With Retro Computers

How to keep your memory fighting fit, whatever your age | Daily Mail Online

Who Framed Roger Rabbit | Movie Poster. Obligatory ...

Can you name a single American kid who couldn't blow hours at a time decorating cakes or staring at those terrifying glass blue eyes? I'll wait.

The one kid at school who had a copy of Doom Shareware before anyone else did, but refused to share it and instead regaled us, as we all sat rapt, ...


Don't like iOS's default Voice Memos app? Give Just Press Record a try. It's got a brilliant one-tap record feature via 3D touch and it also transcribes the ...

Science Fair Digital Computer Kit (1977)

Crayola Crayon Bank

Family Game Night: Animal Memory Game and Animal Charades for Kids

Source: Photo by Juliane Liebermann on Unsplash

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anti-drug abuse campaign (1970s-1980s)

A Bulletin Board Or Door Display Where Every Kid's Name Appears On A Heart

Punks, video games and kids just hanging out: How the Paparazzo of Peterborough documented life in town during the 70s and 80s | Daily Mail Online

In any event, we won't see anything like the Great Pumpkin anytime soon. Why? Take a look at the photo above, showing the ratings pulled in by the premiere ...

Posted by Matt Fondacaro at 11:07 AM

One of the original posters created by Howie Cohen's company, Everything Bicycles. (courtesy

As big a fan as I am now of the original Back To The Future, it was not my introduction to the franchise or even Michael J. Fox.


Day 6- Sea Day

... and more throwback 80s musical gems. Get in your best Bret Michaels garb and don't forget your lighter; you're gonna need it for the obligatory ...

national courtesy campaign (1979-2000)

The original Topsy and Tim was a firm favorite among children

Internet safety: More children are using tablets

Magna Doodle I ...

I didn't have to read any description of an ascot to picture Peter as Fred, and it was easy to picture Shaggy growing up to be a fantasy nerd with mental ...

Children spend just five hours and 32 minutes outside a day, half the time their

But, with an even match, or two smaller kids and one bigger kid, these long boards ...

RCM Open Weekend handbill - click to enlarge

In a lot of ways I almost wonder if the book works with kids at all. There is an underlying nostalgia to the story that isn't the sort of thing a picture ...

As with every sci-fi/action/fantasy film of the 80's and 90's there was a trading card set by Topps. You got 9 cards with scenes from the film, ...

Thelma Mannington - Kitty Oakes School of Dance

Karateka (gameplay commences at level 2) - DISK


Children today would rather read, do chores or even HOMEWORK than play outside | Daily Mail Online

Which Netflix original movies are worth streaming? Photo-Illustration: Gluekit


Scarfolk has been bringing you archival artefacts for 5 years and it's time our council archivists took their mandatory break to get blood transfusions.


Style: A group of young punks congregate on a step complete with ripped denim and


Memories of #Superhero toys. I don't have


Memories of a border hopper

But come on gang, let's be honest, my kids aren't gonna remember eating crunchy nut cornflakes and raisin toast ...

The M4 board with a 32GB SD card and Wifi support. Micro USB powered.