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254 Singapour quotupu stampsquot Philately t Stamps

254 Singapour quotupu stampsquot Philately t Stamps


1960 - Haiti "United Nations" Postage Stamp

US 1966 4c Abraham Lincoln Coil Perf 10V. Prominent Americans Series · Stamp CollectingAbraham ...

New TreasureFox Etsy store listing featuring a 25c Airmail stamp with a portrait on Abraham Lincoln

A 600-ruble Belarusian stamp from 1995 featuring the National Emblem of Belarus

Barbados 145 Stamp Victory Stamp

India postage stamp-Charlie Chaplin

Greetings on Republic Day

India Post issued a set of six stamps and a miniature sheet on 25th January 2017 featuring Nature.

Australia 1952 Pan Pacific Scout Jambore Fine Mint SG 254 Scott 249 Other Australian Stamps HERE

Barbados 1938 Badge of the Colony SG 254 Fine Mint. Vintage StampsStamp ...

On November 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln delivered his eloquent Gettysburg Address. Office StampsGettysburg ...

Brazil: Semi-Postal stamp printed and issued not by the Brazilian postal service, but instead by VARIG (an acronym for Viação Aérea RIo-Grandense), ...

Canada 621 Stamp Queen Elizabeth II Stamp NA C 621-1, $0.95 at Blue

Lot 70 - page from Commonwealth collection. Stamps and Collectables Auction

Includes all the later overprints, even those on the postage dues (scarce). Run starts with the 1899 Sage overprints and continues through until the offices ...


Egypt - Land of the Pharaohs.

Augustin Cauchy. Cauchy series. Statistics. Statistician. Mathematics. Mathematician. France stamp


This is the period of the Arab-Israeli conflicts and much of the material must be very scarce. Well written up, so not a lot of research needed, ...

Burkard waltenspul mathematician maths stamp Italy

Registered fdc for 1946 Peace issue from GPO Sydney prepared by Stamp Dealer, Ken Baker.

35, New Gaza / T, 10 MR 62 on plain envelope franked with 6x10m Palestine commems (Gaza part of Arab Nation), addressed air mail to Denmark, ...

Cameroun Stamp - Dancers from the South-West

4th Image.

Japan 1969 Stamp Week issued 20 April 1969


Portugal 2017 Joint issue with India- MS, stamp & postmark depicts the Chakra and the flag colours.

BC Postal History

stock photo : UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA-CIRCA 1910: Postage stamp of the Union

Republic of South Africa. MIMETES CUCUFERUS. Scott 493 A191, Issued 1977 May 27 · Stamp CollectingAfrikaansSouth AfricaCapeCactusStampsPrickly ...


Sold For $55

New stamps from India - India Russia Joint Issue

Stamp Auction Venue The auction venue

20, 1922, 1 millième olive-brown felucca, proclamation of monarchy overprint inverted (SG 98a), MH ...

1933 Scott O5 5c deep violet , blue overprinted

518 ex 522 531 521 526 554 558529 ...

... annas) stamps for the two issues have reportedly a "violet", and a "dull violet" color. I'm not sure I agree with the color descriptions here, ...

425 ex 436 434 441 443 447 446 451 449 ...

30, Gaza el Mahata / R, 24 MA 59, air mail envelope with six Palestine opt UAR Egypt stamps (105mills) for registration to Denmark, Reg cachet alongside, ...

... and a single of the A/25 first issue, a further eleven control blocks of the other issues, and three covers. An unusual assembly, 67 stamps altogether ...

King George VI Postage Stamps: Ceylon ~ I have a tea-shirt with this on it from GoingPostal t-shirts.

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Sold For $24

... 551 registration label on face, and large violet Army Kinema Corporation double-oval cachet on reverse, with BAPO 4 and civilian Cairo Delivery stamps ...

24 January 2017

The 11 stamp set had a CV <$1 for 5 stamps. The 1933-35 Official issue (Illustrated) had 10 stamps, 9 stamps with a CV <$1.


Eagle Scout Stamp

The CV is <$1-$1+ for 12 stamps. (There is also a surcharged issue of 1919 with the new values, which is not shown.)

PostNL honours Dirk Kuyt with silver postage stamp

New Stamps from India - Nature

New Commemorative Inland letter card


12 October is celebrated as Philately Day by India Post. Stamp exhibitions and other philatelic activities are organized by Deptt of Post on this day.

He, quite arrongantly, argued I have missed a GREAT chance with these Swiss airmail stamps, ...

2nd Image.

19, 1914, 2 millièmes green, imperforate lower left corner pair with control number 2 (SG 74, NP D54), never hinged mint, toning marks ...

Big Blue '69 includes 5 of these stamps in the album.

3rd Image.

Please see http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e1/Stamp_of_USSR_2239.jpg

8, A green Merton album with mostly mint Palestine overprint collection all but complete with singles, blocks and cylinder blocks, stamps from 1947 ...

1883-97 Scott O28 1a maroon

Here are a few more B/1 Bengal Circle Concentrics that came as part of an Indian postmarks lot that I bought a year and a half back:


Kelleher & Rogers Ltd - Phila China Limited 17-18 November, 2017 Hong Kong Auction eCatalog by Phila China Limited - issuu

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21, 1922, 100 millièmes black Abu Simbel temple, proclamation of monarchy overprint doubled (SG 108b), MH ...

The official stamp belonged to a 9 stamp issue with catalogue value <$1-$2+ for 5 stamps.

So, like the regular "British India" George V issue, a watermarking tray will be needed. ;-) For the 1912-23 and 1828-32 issues ( Total 21 stamps), ...


I saw this postcard and wondering if these stamps are considered Coronation Stamps?

5th Image .

In 1927, a 13 stamp set with two designs was issued. CV is <$1-$1+ for 9 stamps. Lovely postage due design.

Chamba 1925 Scott O30 1a dark brown

MACAO 2018, 35th Asian International Stamp Exhibition

473 474 475 477476 478 480 482 479 486 485 487 488 ...


484 491 ex 492 ex 498 ex 513 519 ex 514 ...

India Post issued two commemorative stamps and a MS featuring Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on 15th October 2017.

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The Scott Classic catalogue has, from 1885-1949, 126 regular and 61 official major stamp descriptions. CV for 94 stamps is <$1-$1+ ( 50%).

OK, I think I found it.

... on plain cover registered to Denmark with rectangular handstamp DANLO. HQ NEF at lower left. Array of UAR Palestine adhesives inc Nefertiti 55 on 100 ...

Also the other 2 stamps have me a bit stumped, no explanation necessary as you can see why by the pic.

38, Jabalia Camp / T 17 12 61, most unusual CDS franking air mail envelope to Gaza with 2m UAR Egypt opt and 2x1m UAR Palestine definitives for printed ...

Scott 2007 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue: A - Scott 2007 Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue: So - Z ...

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Children's Day Stamp Design Competition by India Post

£140; 16.

World Music Day is an annual music celebration that takes place on 21 June. On Music Day the citizens of a city or country are allowed and urged to play ...

A cover (probably) issued by the Chinese Philatelic Society (similar to one issued with Malta last January)

£30; 34.