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22 Twitter Palestinian resistance t Palestine Twitter

22 Twitter Palestinian resistance t Palestine Twitter


My in-depth article shows a side of #Palestine you've never seen: http://esotam.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html …pic.twitter.com/cXte9ubzCY

Twitter continues to react to Trump's decision on Jerusalem

My latest for @MiddleEastEyepic.twitter.com/L6RRnw2D7P

Twitter account of imprisoned Palestinian teenage girl Ahed Tamimi deleted

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Image form Twitter publicizing the Palestinian 'Great Return March'

The situation on the ground for Palestinian children is rapidly deteriorating. Urgent action is needed

Palestinian Rights on Twitter: "From #Ferguson to #Palestine: Resistance is not a Crime! End Racism Now! http://t.co/hSiGnVtxly"

So far, 41 Palestinians killed today & in total, 90 killed since the #GreatReturnMarch protests started on March 30 - Gaza Mohpic.twitter .com/MGn4v5uUjW

For more information visit the book's website - http://www.beyondapartheid.com pic.twitter.com/okCqYv5bxY

Mother ...

Palestinian refugees seen in Iraq [al whit/Twitter]

فلسطينية إلى الأبد on Twitter: "Palestinians will never surrender to tyranny, nor will

4:32 PM - 22 Dec 2017

Asaf Ronel on Twitter: "#update: @IDFSpokesperson estimates 10,000 Palestinians participate in the #GreatReturnMarch protests near the #GazaFence right now… ...

So far the #GreatReturnMarch didn't fall for that. 49 Palestinians killed, but not a single Israeli hurt & not 1 rocket fired from Gazapic.twitter.com/ ...

Well done to Glasgow City Council for flying the Palestine Flag, the right thing at

Asaf Ronel on Twitter: "#update: @IDFSpokesperson estimates 10,000 Palestinians participate in the #GreatReturnMarch protests near the #GazaFence right now… ...

Antiwar.com on Twitter: "Israel the Bully by Uri Avnery #Israel #Palestine # Palestinians #deathpenalty https://t.co/bIUMHT3bh9… "

Why does @SMPalestine defend a org that murders innocent Palestinians? We care about Pal. lives, y dont u? #Palestinepic.twitter.com/n1x6PJYORf

Rihanna blows a kiss in Rio de Janeiro July 13, 2014. (photo credit

Embed Tweet. UPDATE: Palestinian Resistance Forces launch numerous (GRAD) missiles into Occupied #Palestine (1948), hitting Al-Majdal (#Ashkelon) city, ...

Israeli lawmaker Oren Hazan insults Palestinians on their way to visit relatives who are detainees in Israeli prisons. (Photo: Twitter)

Hamas launches Twitter campaign '#ResistanceIsNot Terrorism' on 25 July, 2017 [Mohammed

... 17.

With her razor-sharp wit, Joan Rivers managed to offend just about everyone at one point or another. But her final month was marked by one of the biggest ...

Jewish Home MK Bezalel Smotrich at his party's weekly faction meeting at the Knesset, December

ahd al tamimi - Twitter Search | Ahd al-Tamimi | Pinterest | Palestine, Twitter and Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Sarah Silverman Gets Furious Pushback For Supporting Ahed Tamimi

From Holocaust Industry to Judicial Industry

Ayelet Shaked, Israel's justice minister, appears delighted that John Bolton has been appointed US national security adviser. (via Twitter)

Palestinians paramedics lift the body of a man from the Al Shejaeiya neighbourhood, during a

Moheeba Khorshid, Palestinian freedom fighter, the leader of “Daisy flower” organisation in Yafa, Palestine pic.twitter.com/d9lrAKIk

When the tweet came to the attention of Atlantic editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg several days later and he professed to be a “bit flummoxed”, ...

Wheelchair race in Gaza, in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners. (Photo: via Twitter)


Twitter account of imprisoned Palestinian teenage girl Ahed Tamimi deleted

The Twitter debate

Photo: Rana Nazzal, Twitter

Egyptian security delegation headed by General Sameh Nabil meets with Isma'il Haniyeh and other

Relatives of four Palestinians killed by Israeli air strikes mourn in Gaza City (Mustafa Hassona/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Meet 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi, the new face of Palestinian resistance | CBC News

Abu Marzouq's tweets

Palestinian 'solidarity': what about the adults?

The two rivals when to war of words over Twitter over recent violence in Palestine. Israel butchered sixty one people on Return March marking Nakba day.

We had anticipated that our Twitter account would be targeted and have built our infrastructure outside the primary Twitter platform.


Dozens of users on Twitter have attacked Gal Gadot, the new leading actress in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, for being an Israeli “Zionist” with the ...

Photos & Screenshots

Twitter / iamhamdi1: "SHE SAID NO, FUCK IT LET'S .

President Donald Trump listens as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas speaks, Tuesday, May 23,

Black Lives Matter Activists Declare Solidarity with Palestine - In These Times

Ibrahim Al-Madhoun's tweet

Source: Twitter/t_donkeys

#AskHamas campaign reaches more than 170,000 Twitter accounts within hours, but most tweets sarcastic or disparaging


Iran says will continue support for Palestinian cause - OIC summit

... ReferencesReferences MethodologyMethodology 76; 76. Most Prominent Palestinian ...

Behind The News on Twitter - Stats

I can't remember, but all I can say is that the BBC has gone to town with this story and Theresa May's terse reposte.

As you can see from the screenshot that was taken some three hours after the tweet was posted, more than 120 people eagerly retweeted these “news.”

Tamimi has been protesting against the Israeli occupation for years [File: Anadolu]

Hamas rally in Gaza City marking the 30th anniversary of the movement's founding (Palinfo Twitter

Prominent Palestinians and supporters of the Palestinian cause also took to Twitter to express their condolences to the so-called "Priest of Palestinian ...

Protesters were arrested in NYC during a demonstration celebrating 50 years since the Israeli occupation of

Twitter is all aflutter about a photo gaffe by the Palestinian Information Center, which posted a picture of Hollywood actress Katherine Heigl on Wednesday ...

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Twitter / TrueWorldOrder2: Satanyahu on how Jew families ... | Palestine | Scoop

Ibrahim ...

Image via Behind the News

It must have been about half a year ago when on Twitter, I came across a stunning painting relating to the Palestinian struggle, that I then decided to ...

Saudi prince owns more of Twitter than co-founder.

Pop star Rihanna's controversial tweet with the #FreePalestine hashtag. (screencapture: TMZ)

Israeli soldiers shot and injured an elderly Palestinian man during pro-Gaza demonstrations in Al-Bireh city, and when paramedics approached to give him ...

Hezbollah Reportedly Claims Facebook, Twitter Have Disabled Their Main Accounts

This undated image provided by Twitter shows an example of a special label that Twitter says they are adding to the accounts of and tweets from U.S. ...

#gazaunderattack#gazaunderfirehamasisraelpalestineresistancewars on gaza · Twitter capitulates to Jewish pressure

Gregg Miller (Twitter)

'I loved the sense of unity we all felt when both young men and women. '

Posters of Hezbollah's flag and the terror group's leader, Hassan Nasrallah, in Beirut.

US envoy Friedman calls out Palestinians for praising terrorist murder - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post

Palestinians' Latest Method of Terror: Burning Condoms!



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Gaza smoke

Israeli forces shoot dead several Palestinians in Gaza Strip

22 October, 17. Share Facebook Twitter Google+ WhatsApp

Chomsky response about Sam Harris Palestine claims(found on Twitter) ...

Leaving aside the facts that Canary Mission is not a terrorist group, and I do not work with them, I also do not target people who are merely critical of ...

A protest in Denmark is happening right now. 420 coffins laid out in a city square. #FreePalestine #GazaUnderAttack http://t.co/fdTJPMBO5X