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160725 TV weibo update with Sehun amp Baekhyun Like

160725 TV weibo update with Sehun amp Baekhyun Like


Baekhyun, " awww did someone not get their bubble tea like they wanted?" Sehun, "Fight me bitch.

Baekhyun, Kai, D.O., and Sehun

“SPAO Weibo update with Sehun and Jongin”

Baekhyun and Luhan- they look soooo cute^^

150319 神的破鞋's Weibo update: Kept private since last year, director's doing. ~~~ Luhan & Lao Gao >>> Luhan, you know the fandom can't control itself; ...

Hatson Weibo update with EXO on 160822

“but i like bad ideas.” sehun smirked as he pulled her closer.

Exo - Baekhyun "Seducing Chanyeol I see " :) ;

레이 / Lay - 张艺兴 / Zhāng Yì Xìng EXO | Baekhyun | Chanyeol | Chen

BaekHyun from Kpop boy band EXO - Singer

Myeon Myeon

Album For Life


150811 Luhan Studio Weibo Update: These two pictures have caused some conflicts within the High Cold Office (Luhan Studio), which one is more 'suai' ...

#exo #sehun Love meeeeeeee

tao king of selca

12032996_850195348428539_3724234911600620835_n.jpg (600×900)

Sehun Monster EXO

Sehun - 160412 SPAO weibo update

[WEIBO] LAY Weibo Update - Lay, how are you? We miss you so bad. Let's stay together in our world.

Jadeh Oh - Sehun

Anyways, I ususally like to read, walk through the woods on early weekend mornings, and I just like being nice to everyone!

Baekhyun , Chanyeol , Chen , D.O., Kai , Lay , Sehun , Suho ,

Baekhyun & V mother daughter !

SUHO --- do not edit ✧ kimjunmyeonnet

Sehun - 160412 SPAO weibo update Credit: SPAO.

EXO, one of the most famous boy groups in South Korea has never stopped giving surprises for their comeback to their fans as some of their upcoming ...

EXO delight us with cute smiles for 'SPAO'! Sehun and baekhyun

I know im crazy when i know who each 12 members are/suho/baekhyun /chanyeol/lay/D.O/kai/luhan/kris/tao/xiumin/sehun/chen

Sehun's IG Update with his Weibo Star Award

Scan exodium in seoul- Xumin

Baekhyun and Sehun // EXO Next Door

Xiumin - 170715 'The War' teaser image Credit: Official EXO weibo. EXO EXO M Lay 170715 exo im exo m im xiumin im official update weibo update p:official ...

Although he looks fabulous with makeup, EXO-Ls can't get enough of his bare face either. Just look at how handsome he is!

Sehun (EXO) New Picture for Dongdaemun Design Park Photocard via

[ IMG] ...


Exo-k // Chanyeol


Sehun + Baekhyun their smiles are so precious... I wish they could smile

And Baekhyun is like the family member that lives in his brother's house for free//I'm getting wild thoughts about doing couple things

Kim brothers #exo #xiumin #suho #chen #kai #wallpaper

Chanyeol - 171124 Exoplanet - The EℓyXiOn in Seoul Credit: AtmosphereChan.

박찬열 / Park Chanyeol

Chanbaek, couple things

[WEIBO] 160725 - Nouvelles images tirées du drama 'The Mystic Nine' avec #Lay

luhan ♡ sehun ...

Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun, Lay, D.//lay winking is killing meee

160521 朴元华 Weibo Update [ IMG]


변백현 / Baekhyun / Baekhyun EXO / Бэкхён °♡

blow it like fluuuute ooooh ~~ (i still love you deep down in my heart luhan aHHH)

Kyungsoo - The War teaser | insanityedit

Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Suho, Chen, Sehun, D.O

[OTHER] 131028 Tasty's Weibo Updates – Kris, Lay & Tao at SM Party {5 Pics}

[120519/PIC] Calvin Klein Photoshoot BTS: Kai, Sehun, Baekhyun | ExoBear

Kill me softly ✨👑

[ENGSUB] 160725 cosmopolitankorea's Instagram Update with Baekhyun + Interview with Moon Lovers Cast

iyeolie: ““yeollie's cute reaction to soo saying his bday project was the most

Baekhyun - 140820 First official photobook 'Die Jungs'

EXO Leader|#EXO guardian

Sehun x Xiumin being gay in Ko Ko Bop pt.2

Chanyeol - 160822 Hat's On weibo update Credit: Hat's On.

Can we please talk about EXO Chanyeol's recent GAINS? | Koogle TV

Kai EXO-k

His outfit was just ahadhaja It's him. Our charismatic leader <3 -- |

Suho - 170714 'The War' teaser image Credit: Official EXO weibo.

Chanyeol insta update with Baekhyun ♡

Chen, Chanyeol & Xiumin

Xiumin & Chen | EXO

I ship theeeeeeeem.

Baehyun & Sehun The EXO'luxion in Beijing Day 1

Suho and Baekhyun

EXO 엑소 | Baekhyun | Chanyeol | Chen | D.O | Kai | Sehun | Lay

Kai and Sehun and Chanyeol (Selfie)

EXO- Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Lay, D.O, Kai, Chen, Sehun,


40 best Bias af images on Pinterest | Got7 jackson, Jackson wang and Drama korea

[140524] Baekhyun (EXO) New Picture for Brochure Concert EXO FROM. EXOPLANET

Baekhyun - 161122 Super Junior member Heechul's weibo update.

the iconic look at exo'luxion in ny (the one i went to as well bless)

Exo - Lay "I-- don't even know what to say"

Baekhyun and Kai - Overdose Polaroid

Lay from Zhoumi weibo update

Tao (EXO) New Picture for Dongdaemun Design Park Photocard via

Image de exo and baekhyun


i told yall



Xiumin Chen

Line Friends Weibo Update -EXO -iheartkris

Suho, Baekhyun and Chanyeol (That height difference though)


#exo #kai #do #monster #sehun #chen #xiumin #suho

Xiumin 시우민 Exo Weareone TheWarExo KoKoBop Suho Baekhyun Chanyeol Kai Yixing Sehun Chen DO

Sehun-EXO Comeback 2014 Comeback show April

I opened the door to see Chanyeol,handsome as always

The many sides of Baekhyun.