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10 LittleKnown Facts That Show Fluoride Is Harmful And t

10 LittleKnown Facts That Show Fluoride Is Harmful And t


10 Facts About Water Fluoridation Everyone Should Know

Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children's IQ -In addition to water supply -how many kids were/are given fluoride vitamins?

Remove Forced Ingestion Of Fluoride in Our Water

Some people say Nazis used fluoride to pacify Jews during World War II.

Tips to Avoid Fluoride

Fluoride has so many damaging health effects. I question a few things.

Fun facts about Fluoride. can you handle the truth?

Don't belittle and underestimate what excessive fluoride can do to your body. SHARE this fact to help us inform people about the dangers of fluoride in our ...

Research history of fluoride! You'll be shocked!

Modere understands the danger of fluoride in our water system and in our toothpaste. Find

The tricky politics of fluoridation have played out in Portland, Oregon, the largest city in the U.S. not to fluoridate its water.

2 Little-Known Facts About Cheap Tea That Could Put You In Danger (And What To Do About It)

To many in the new age community, this doesn't matter. They believe fluoride is instrumental in mind control because, they insist, it blocks the "third eye" ...


The dangers of water fluoridation ...

Fluoridation – the IQ myth


If you don't know this yet...better do your research!

15 Facts Most People Don't Know About Fluoride

“Fluoridated Water Is Public Murder On A Grand Scale” – Dr. Dean Burk – Welcome to Fluoride Free Sudbury


10 Facts About Sodium fluoride, sodium fluorosilicate or hydrofluorosilicic acid

Fluoride Toothpaste

Did you know fluoride is a dangerous toxin found in your water and toothpaste? Please

Here's How to Flush Fluoride Out of Your System

Most people believe that fluoride is beneficial and refuse to see the detriments of it. Additionally, the same people have no idea where fluoride comes from ...

Sources of Fluoride

About Fluoride

FLUORIDE: The MOST TOXIC substance for humans!


What if we don't like the taste of water?

Is Brantford's $200,000 fluoridation plan necessary?

NRC (2006)

Today's question addresses a contentious topic in the health arena: fluoride. It's in (most of) the tap water we use, (most of) the toothpastes with which ...

Evolving Bacteria Outsmarts Vaccines

Fluoride Warnings On Toothpaste

In his Fluoride and the Aging Factor, which was one of the early challenges to fluoridation, published in 1983, John Yiamouyiannis wrote that the fluorine ...


1. Floss is generally sold in lengths of 50-200 yards.

Why Fluoride In Your Tap Water Is a Good Thing

Fluoride - Dr. Axe

Fluorosis Facts: A Guide for Health Professionals

Why are so many scientists, parents and others worried about water fluoridation? Based on

In North America also has the fluoridation of drinking water, the subject of increasing attention; Since 2010, more than 75 American and Canadian ...


[7] Below is a diagram of Lane's hypothesis of why pigeons live ten times longer than rats.

What is Water Fluoridation? Is it Safe? Health Side Effects? Fluoride Facts by Austin Dentist

Graph 4 was presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1999 when it made the claim that fluoridation was “one of 10 great public health ...

Is Water Fluoridation Bad for You?

Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. MistyBlue does not dispense medical ...

Facts about fluoride that we need to know

Six Facts You Need to Know About Water Fluoridation

10 Facts About Fluoride You Need to Know

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the fluoridation of drinking water is ranked among the ten greatest public health achievements ...

The “ ...

... to provide children the same dose of fluoride they would receive by drinking fluoridated water.[36] Unlike other dietary supplements, however, you can't ...

Former Rat Poison Fluoride


Fluoride Facts : The Inconvenient Truths

Fluoride Is Linked To The Leading Cause of Death

12 Little Known Facts About Coffee


Beverages and food processed with fluoridated water. – Dietary prescription supplements that include fluoride (e.g., tablets or drops).


Something in the water: is fluoride actually good for cities? | Cities | The Guardian

18) The studies that launched fluoridation ...

Say This, Not That: Tips for Talking about Community Water Fluoridation

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... Genetic Susceptibility to Fluoride's Adverse Effects ...

... Grandjean and colleague Philip Landrigan of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York published in The Lancet included fluoride in a list ...

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That flouride stare.



... wrote the following report on the health effects of water fluoridation. Kathleen works with the Center for Risk Analysis at SENES Oak Ridge, Inc.

I think everyone is aware of the stated dental benefits of fluoride. As far as broader health applications, some studies have shown that fluoridated water ...

Water Fluoridation. "